El rati horror show

El rati horror show

"Eine Polizei Horror Show" is a documentary portraying the dramatic story of Fernando Ariel Carrera, an ordinary man unjustly convicted to 30 years of prison -not by mistake but ...

"Eine Polizei Horror Show" is a documentary portraying the dramatic story of Fernando Ariel Carrera, an ordinary man unjustly convicted to 30 years of prison -not by mistake but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El rati horror show torrent reviews

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Maybe a bit slow , but a sweet story

stephen t (es) wrote: have seen better ie deep blue sea and the least the sharks where better in that than in this

neel p (es) wrote: amasing movie!!!!! i am saying truly and powerfully! everyone has done beautiful job! except the ice spider!!!!!!hahahahahahah:))))))

intuciic (de) wrote: not really scaring and with no visible basement for whats going on. it seemed like its personal, but it was too foggy to understand why.


Kathy H (es) wrote: You've gotta see this!

bill s (au) wrote: Overrated,over blown gore feast that just a goofy bloody mess.

Zachary R (gb) wrote: This is a good children's movie about a half wolf/dog who saves a town in Nome Alaska with children sick with diptheria. This movie starts out with live action sequences with Miriam Margolyes who is an elderly lady looking for the famous Balto statue where then she goes into a story to tell her granddaughter about what happened in that time. We then cut to the animation portion where we see the wolf Balto, played by Kevin Bacon wanting to be accepted by society. Balto's friend Boris is telling him that he doesn't need them because the town is afraid of him and all the other dogs treat him horribly as well. All throughout the movie Balto tries to gain acceptance finding it nowhere accept in Jenna a husky dog, played by Bridget Fonda and a town girl named Rosy. When the children in Nome Alaska become sick Balto wants to help but all the other people and dogs of the village don't trust him, so they don't let him be a part of the team. When Rosy gets sick, and the original sled team with the medicine in hand gets lost, Balto takes the initiative to help the team out and find their way back home to save the children. As always this film has it's corny moments but it is a good film with a message at heart. There are however a few annoying characters, and the movie is way, way, to short but with good voice actors like Bob Hoskins and Jim Cummings this film is worth any family checking out. 8 out of 10.

Thomas S (gb) wrote: Being 13 at the time of release and a baseball fanatic, this was by far the greatest movie of my childhood.

Justin A (kr) wrote: Very strong acting overall, especially by the three leads. The pacing was a bit awkward early on as it was difficult to understand exactly what was going on, but the goal was probably to drop us immediately into Brandon's life. It does get a bit more confusing though when the movie flashes forward through time a lot.Truthfully, this movie was walking a fine line between great and terrible. There are moments when the movie almost loses its way and is a bit melodramatic. Fortunately, the acting is so strong that you can overlook many of the faults. I could never imagine this movie being as good without the cast that it had.The final act of this movie is difficult to watch and some of the most gut wrenching stuff to watch. It's especially hard when you know that this actually happened. Sickening. The subject matter may be strange to some and the violence and brutality may be off putting, but this is one of those few movies that should be seen.

tyler h (ca) wrote: he wasn't john Rambo any more he was satollone