El refugio del mal

El refugio del mal

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El refugio del mal torrent reviews

Rangan R (us) wrote: Life is unexplained, but to keep it going depends on the events surround it/us.The film certainly defines two things, the life is unpredictable and the college life in the 1950s. Based on the book of the same name, made by a producer turned director which is his first attempt. A pure drama that follows a Jewish American student who is pursuing a degree in a small Ohio college. The film reveals his social skills, confused romance with a troubled girl, having differences with the college dean and many more.Definitely a better film than I anticipating. Initially I did not get some parts of the narration, but there are more details in pieces and we have to put them in the right places. For example the editing was a bit confusing, particularly about present, past and future events. But at the end you will understand everything, I think. The twist was average, though very good, it totally altered the entire perspective. Logan Lerman is getting better and better in his every new film and Sarah Gadon as well getting more sexier every day.Whatever it narrates us in the mid part, in the end it sticks to the point on what it opened with. So it is more about life like how a small mistake can change everything forever. But it's also how a big mistake can lead to preserve some sweet memories till life continues in whatever state. A practical subject dealt in a thoughtful way as much as possible. For some people it will be a must see, but surely worth a watch by everyone.7/10

Blake C (au) wrote: Though this movie is my least favorite out of the newest re-makes, it's still decent. The plot makes sense, and I thoroughly enjoy Benjamin Cumberbatch's character.

native girl (us) wrote: Its a good movie, but its like 3 hours long an the actors are really, really good.

Cassy B (ru) wrote: a really great role for stephen baldwin

VAMPALicious FREAK ur FREAK (jp) wrote: Very Strange movie. I wanted to watch a weird movie that evening - this did the trick. You are left pondering the possibilities! Gina Gershon is beautiful as always. Odd, odd, movie! But I kinda dug it! Just Kinda!

Aljane C (br) wrote: Subtle humour interspersed within this French drama set against the backdrop of the May '68 riots......French through & through....

Margarita S (ca) wrote: Pacino did an incredible job as Tony Montana. It's so impressive how compelling he is on screen. That said, there were some problematic aspects to the development of Montana as a character. He's depicted as a ruthless, power-hungry, self-absorbed person for 3/4 of the movie only to then suddenly develop a conscience so as to facilitate a major turn in the plot. It's poorly conceived. Given how long the movie ran, it was surprising that so many supporting characters were only half-baked or sub-stories were inadequately developed. I personally don't get the appeal of this gangster film. Watch the original. It was better developed.

Eric M (es) wrote: An enjoyably cheesy and dated sci-fi film from the late '50s. Technically not a very good film ( only a few rungs above Ed Wood in terms of competence), but still pretty fun to watch. Flicks like these are the hardest to rate. They're not well-made, but I won't deny that I enjoy watching them.

Conrad Z (nl) wrote: Good movie for anybody who wants to learn more about Hearst Castle and William Randolph Hearst.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Sends the right message for the season, but it's disjointed and messy for the most part.

Joey T (jp) wrote: This movie was number 3 when I was watching them all in order29%

King K (ca) wrote: Has to be one of the best romance movies ever made, and my favorite movie soundtrack