El rey de la montaña

El rey de la montaña

Two strangers run from unknown assailants that stalk them through the woods.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   mountain,   police,  

Quim drives around an isolated rural area through a maze of lanes. When he drives into the woods, he gets lost. Trying to find his direction, he suddenly gets shot from the hill. On his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas A (mx) wrote: What a wonderful window.

Nathan B (gb) wrote: not your typical teenage thriller movie.. there was a little more to this one. adding a little suspense to the movie as the killer could have been a few characters.. once there were enough hints and you figure out who it is the movie is bland.. nice depiction of party and a few good kills push it above the average horror movie

James H (mx) wrote: Like in the original, filled with all kinds of twists and scantily clad beautiful women . It's entertaining, and equally forgettable as well. The cast does fine, no one is great or bad.

Lauren S (fr) wrote: This was a film that I needed to see in order to believe. The film overall was very well done, but the subject matter was deeply disturbing. I seriously can't believe that an entire group of people find joy in putting this event on. The Hell House is a haunted house consisting of multiply rooms that depict ways in which people could end up hell. This includes domestic violence, drunk driving, raves (...?), suicide, the occult, abortion, and AIDS (this scene depicted a homosexual man dying in a hospital bed refusing to accept Jesus and admit that being gay is a choice...don't even get me started on that bullshit.) The one scene that actually made me laugh out loud was when they were building the sets for the hell house. For the occult room scene someone had spray painted a pentagram on the ground. Or at least they tried too. I swear the thing looked more like the Star of David. Someone seriously needed to do a little more research. Overall, the message that I was left with (which I don't think is the message they were trying to convey), is that a life spent worrying over ending up in some imaginary place is not a life that is being lived.

Private U (es) wrote: 8/10 in hong kong movie standard la...

Caleb C (ru) wrote: Loved it when I was younger. Not sure how I would like it now though.

Waleed A (ag) wrote: it is crazy how amazing christopher nolan is. this was his first movie, written, directed and shot by him. in black and white with 4:3 dimensions. this is the definition of a low budget film ($6k). a phenomenal, clever, creative story. (3 viewings)

Kellan W (au) wrote: Pretentious and dull. I love how on the back of the box it says it takes a page out of The Battle of Algiers, Mean Streets, and Do the Right Thing. All three of those films are far superior to this one. It's not a good sign when your film starts out with a bad Robert DeNiro Taxi Driver impression.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Feels dated now, yet the heavy atmosphere and tension fuelled with paranoia makes this a must see film.

Charlotte B (au) wrote: skipped important parts of Davids life, changes others, and tries to make him into a much different person.

Steve J (kr) wrote: They don't come much better than this. A true revelation. But not for the squeamish or easily offended... though what Ken Russell film is?

Summer W (au) wrote: We went in not knowing what the heck to expect, and ended up being impressed. The movie could have seriously kicked ass if they had done things a little differently, but it had a good cast with solid performances, (including Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell, and "Colin-God-of-Sex" from Love, Actually) and Chris was particularly impressed with the attention to WWI detail. The story was decent, but should have been hyped as a psychological thriller a la Jacob's Ladder, rather than straight up horror.

Robert H (de) wrote: Watching this film when it was released would be like watching one of the great visual fx blockbusters of today... watching it now, after the fact, would be akin to seeing where all those amazing scenes of flying saucers, etc. used over and over in so many other movies and television shows actually came from, and getting a fun movie to boot!Earth vs. the Flying Saucers feels almost like an episode of Doctor Who (older Who) with some Cybermen like things invading the planet. Of course we didn't have The Doctor but rather some very intelligent scientists who developed some crazy post WWII gadgets the army could use to combat the aliens.This IS CLASSIC SCIFI in all it's gloriousness. Of course, FX from Ray Harryhausen are what truly makes this film fun. If you haven't seen this film yet and love scifi, you owe it to yourself to track it down and watch it.

John S (es) wrote: The (very slightly) better of the two big monster collaboration movies. There's much more Wolf Man in this one, and that's always good, but the vampire part was not handled well. It kind of sucked. And the Frankenstein monster was thrown in for two seconds at the end. Seriously, he dies by some explosion in front of him. That's not the monster I know!

Smashproplaya (ru) wrote: Best Christmas movie ever made(period)

Batesow T (it) wrote: Great family friendly movie

Lucas G (fr) wrote: Paranormal Activity is scary and smart, the perfect combination.