El rey de los huevones

El rey de los huevones

A comedy that follows a naive taxi driver (Quercia) who is duped by most of his fares.

A comedy that follows a naive taxi driver (Quercia) who is duped by most of his fares. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene S (ag) wrote: a dark British comedy about 4 friends who decided upon themselves to become suicide bombers. They try going to military school in Pakistan and get kick out, they try making their own bombs which backfires on you and at the end of the film they only ones who get killed at not them.....or do they succeed at the end.

Barbara D (ag) wrote: I didn't like this movie because although there was a lesson with the first movie, it was completely lost in this one! I was mad because Vivica and Morris broke up after the first movie. The message that I got from the second movie was that misery loves company!

Marshall H (ca) wrote: A modern take on a previously difficult subject that takes a few turns for the better. An unexpectedly good film.

Shane Y (it) wrote: A heartwarming movie, but the typical unfortunate Christmas fare. Believe in magic and "friendship never dies... it lives in your heart". So pedantic and off key with life, as far as I'm concerned. I like feelgood stories, and this was definitely drawing, but forgive me for being a bit jaded on this one :)

Mike T (ca) wrote: There are flashes of humor in this train wreck, but definitely nothing significant enough for me to recommend it. I am a huge fan of Vincent Gallo's work, and I would watch him in anything. In this, he's fantastic as usual, but even his presence and talent can't save the disastrous screenplay and direction. A mess of bizarrely confusing characters, excruciating dialogue and ugly attempts at style from writer-director Justin McCarthy.

Grant T (it) wrote: love this movie. kilmer is phenomenal.

Dino (br) wrote: Messy, overlong - sure. But it's funny, cynical and doesn't take itself seriously.

Grant S (ag) wrote: Reasonably entertaining. Quite funny at times, but, unfortunately, also mostly predictable and not a little bit cheesy. Good fun, overall.

Jose M (fr) wrote: Are there any werewolves in this film?

Tom G (au) wrote: It would of been top marks had it not been for the wacky ending.

MF J (fr) wrote: Nice enough, this low budget historical film is interesting enough to keep you entertained from start to finish. It's also interesting on a historical level though it lacks a little bit of density.

Leon B (kr) wrote: Review:This is one of those low budget comedies about a teenage school kid who is a genius. Because of his advanced mind, he enters the college mastermind competitions with the major goal of beating Harvard. With his new found friend, an 41 year old student played by Fraser, and his 3 team mates, they battle through the competition achieving more than expected. I personally didn't find this movie that funny or even slightly interesting. If you don't take the movie that seriously, then it's light hearted fun, but the storyline is quite weak and the acting wasn't anything spectactular. There are a couple of scenes which were quite amusing, but it's not a movie that I will be watching again in a hurry. Disappointing!Round-Up:As I hadn't heard of this movie before, I wasn't expecting that much. I was shocked to see that Brendan Fraser was in this movie because it seemed more like a college teenage film, but after watching it, I do see the point of his casting. He has definitely had one of the weirdest careers to date, because he has made some really bad movies and then he will casted in a blockbuster. From the Mummy franchise and G.I. Joe, to silly movies like Furry Vegeance and Bedazzled, he really has had a versatile career. I did like him in Crash and Gimme Shelter so he does have his good moments, which are mostly when he is playing serious roles. In this movie he has gone into comedic mode, but personally I didn't find him that funny.I recommend this movie to people who are into there teenage movies about a college genius who enters mastermind competitions to try and beat Harvard. 3/10

Anders A (br) wrote: Jarmusch, always with a vision and style. Blending in five different scenes of people with such between-worlds needs and life-situations. A study of the differ of the human man. First a young girl with her life planned, sticking to it even though gold is offered. Secondly a man without any skills, positive to the bone even when there is no shreds of hope. Third a blind girl with better eyesight than the seeing man. Forth a babbling mess without any reach for other than himself, scuffling away from any problem. And last a wounded logical fin, longing for the problems others getting drunkfaced over.

Aj V (br) wrote: An okay sci-fi action thriller, with an average cast, and a predictable ending. It has some good scenes, but it could have been a lot better.