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Cole S (kr) wrote: A long curb enthusiasm episode. Not as funny as it should have been with that cast.

Tristan M (mx) wrote: The movie itself is a bit of a farce, making fun of secret agencies and the lot, and looked it. It was a pretty terrible movie, consisting of a good actor, who is plaged however by preforming in stupid movies such as this one. The script is bad, the action is amazing DUMB, and nothing is ever taken seriously. It isn't made to be, but just takes everything to far and is too childish. Mabey if I was ten or under I would enjoy it and find it funny, but I don't even find it slightly amusing aside from the part with the rising and dropping chair. Otherwise the gadgets and the ending was of course massively terrible. The wheelchair chase, escaping all the cops? Why? It was full to the brim with any possible secret ops clich (C)s, to the point of i could have written out exacty what would happen at least 5 minutes before it did. Was it better than the first Johnny English film? They are both film you watch with someone younger, and instantly forget them, so I also don't remember the original. This one will be forgeter completely in a few days as well, which to me makes no difference as I don't want to be able to say 'I've seen it'.

Terry M (br) wrote: I liked this a lot. Andy Garcia is one of my favorites and Vera Farmiga is now one of mine also. It's worth watching.

charles b (fr) wrote: Pure, sugar-coded fun at the movies. The cast is great and the story takes some unexpected turns. Save the far-fethched ending, 'You Again' delivers laughs and the potential for a part II.

Felix L (gb) wrote: Terrible. CGI was obvious to point out, it was cheesy as hell, and will only appeal to anybody under the age of 8.

Yvan C (ag) wrote: Le manga choc et sans piti adapt en film, en tout cas la premire partie. Pas aussi violent mais passe bien! Sait s'apprcier mme sans connaissance du manga.

Anthony J (br) wrote: the greatest stomp movie ever

Evan E (it) wrote: I can't wait to see this movies

Cairo C (es) wrote: its an o.k movie worth watching

Arseniy V (au) wrote: Definitely worth watching. Not only are the basic components here well shaped and layered, but the film's central thesis takes a rather unexpected turn in making a genuinely rare observation. Particularly so, given the film's specific depictions. I'm not sure that the this rarely made point constitutes a fundamental, unwavering law. And if it doesn't, the other side of said reality is certainly underrepresented here. But my experience too, is that there is some force at work in this world, doing its best to help us render said principle our reality. Against great odds. And when we honestly help this force do so, whether or not the results are immediately favorable - we are doing the most important thing imaginable. In a (rather cryptic) nutshell, this is what struck me as the thesis at the heart of the film and made the film really come alive during my viewing thereof.

Bruno L (ca) wrote: Interesting kind of documentary. Funny in some parts and at the same time shocking. This movie does not judge whether to be a pimp is right or wrong. Good idea by the Hughes brothers.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Wanted to see more of Waters's work

Marilee A (nl) wrote: Alyssa Milano Smoked in this Movie, I think it was better than the 1st

Jussi M (au) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky! Vaikea sanoa mit miehen pss liikkuu. Joko hn on visionrinen nero tai mielipuoli. DVDn kuvanlaatu on uskomattoman hyv.

Alex M (ca) wrote: sci-fi's are cool...in a nerdy way

J J (es) wrote: Another Fellini classic that, like Il Bidone, marked a transitional period for neorealist films. Partly autobiographical, 'I Vitelloni' is a comedic character study about a group of friends (or spivs) from small town Italy as they finally come of age. Fellini shows us brief glimpses of each characters life, as they struggle with responsibility and growing older. I found this a film I could easily relate to, it was about a bunch of idle youths who have nothing better to do than spend their time doing nothing, trying to get some sort of enjoyment out of life without resorting to conventional family life. It had many 'Felliniesque' carnival moments yet it maintained an innocent and honest feel that made everything feel real and believable, resulting in characters that were easy to buy in to. Anyone with an interest in Fellini or Italian cinema should catch this classic of world cinema. 8/10

Katie H (ag) wrote: The Barry Manilow movie is the best ever

Paavo L (ru) wrote: Gary Cooperin nayttelema hahmo saa tehtavakseen rajayttaa sillan ennen hyokkaysta. Tama sysaa elokuvan kayntiin ja mukaan mahtuu rakkautta ja paljon muutakin. Gary Cooperin ja Ingrid Bergmanin valilla on kemiaa.

Kjetil H (de) wrote: Ganske s stilig og velspilt psykoligisk thriller. 80 talls godbit.