El santuario

El santuario


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El santuario torrent reviews

Joshy F (de) wrote: This started it all they should of made spider-man 4 would of been great

Grant L (ru) wrote: A dark yet hilarious addition to the crime genre.

Alexis G (ru) wrote: Watch something else.. unless u r a fan of Ekin or Shu Qi...

Frances H (au) wrote: It was a disappointment to me. After having seen The Skin I Live In, I expected more, even though both films have the themes of love and revenge. The latter film was much more powerful.

Thomas A (ag) wrote: I am quite biased when it comes to giving ratings and/or reviews on WW2-themed movies.This movie is not as good as a more famous Dutch WW2 movie, "Zwartboek", on capturing the true soul of Dutch resistance, since it focuses on a much narrower scope. Nonetheless, the focus on the small boy of Michiel (played by Martijn Lakemeier, whose honest, naive acting reminds me of the small Macaulay Culkin) deserves plenty of praise.

JH K (au) wrote: Nunca debiste venir a Spain, Terry.

Louise S (it) wrote: Not the best Austen adaptation, but not the worst either..

John R (gb) wrote: 150627: This one just didn't draw me in like Rope (1948). Enjoyed the first thirty minutes due to the unique characters involved and the dichotomy of opinions expressed in relation to Cummings. The pace died out however and so did my enthusiasm.

Kirsty P (ca) wrote: This was one of my favourite sequels of the series, seemed like there was more action and of course Pinhead was featured more.

danielle d (us) wrote: It was entertaining, but the original was better.