El séptimo arcángel

El séptimo arcángel


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El séptimo arcángel torrent reviews

Mayooran N (kr) wrote: Good Competition and Good Job Vijay !!! .. Now its thala's turn !!!!

Robyn M (ag) wrote: It's poor taste and too soon to be poking fun of war... infact when did it ever become socially acceptable?

Luna W (ag) wrote: I actually really liked it!!

Deanna B (mx) wrote: It was delightful. It was one of those movies that made me feel happy to watch it. I was glad i chose to watch it.

Rubia (gb) wrote: Pointless. The trash being used to "make laugh". Stupid people, things and situations supposed to be funny. After half hour, I simply turned it off. What a waste of time!

David H (fr) wrote: I think I would have gone straight for Diane... ehhhhh NO

Jason M (kr) wrote: Nothing wrong with the film, except it doesnt realy pick a genre. Its a little romantic comedy, a little teen angst, a little coming of age, a little high school day-in-the-life., but doesnt stand out in any category. But its fine entertainment, and def reminiscent of the 80s'

Jason R (kr) wrote: Pretty poorly arranged assembling of good clips. Saw it when I was young, and it introduced me to a lot of horror movies.

Jaime D (us) wrote: Historia de unos periodistas bajo el conflicto de Nicaragua. Dilema entre la objetividad del periodismo como refleja de la realidad o subjetividad del mismo a la hora de involuccrarse personalmente.

Eric H (fr) wrote: In this one-of-a-kind portrait, Terry Zwigoff takes us deep into the home life of underground comic artist Robert Crumb. Though known for his salacious images of plump females, Crumb comes off as one of the more normal people onscreen alongside troubled siblings Max and Charles. Zwigoff's film never condescends"this is a dysfunctional family we all can empathize with.

Huw G (au) wrote: Not by any means 'so bad it's good', but actually smart, low budget fun which is surprisingly better than you expect from its genre, and a whole lot better than reviews say. It's absolutely full of plot holes of course, but the satire, effects, and references are all decidedly above average. Even the script is mostly good. The only real weak point is some of the acting being a bit flat or off, the downfall parody scene in particular falls considerably short - there probably just wasn't the money for enough takes. I can only guess that the hugely negative response to the film is solely down to it's lack of reverence for the USA, but that's extremely unfair - this isn't in any way tiring yank bashing for the sake of it, but being a central theme naturally makes them the brunt of numerous jokes. Oh well, their loss. I hope the cult scene ultimately makes this as successful as it deserves.

Mo B (es) wrote: Rating: 57%Funny, well-cast, ridiculous, and over-the-top, Jingle All the Way is a well-meaning holiday comedy whose uneven script and goofy characters can be passed on as just kiddy humor.

Vincent S (au) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and music score, great performance by Christian Bale. However, it's too self-indulgent, pointless, and no storyline at all. Terrence Malick disappointed me.

Deven W (us) wrote: People have called this the worst in the series, but I disagree. Its not a terrible movie at all. It can be funny but some of the jokes can be misses and I miss the cameos. The biggest complaint I have is.......do we really care if Gonzo's an alien?