El sirviente

El sirviente


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Jamison R (mx) wrote: A sweet & engaging look at a group of skate punk adolescents & their trials with growing up, love, & loyalty. This documentary really has a lot of heart to it, and despite no major conflicts it does a fine job of depicting these teens and their lives

Rafi A (gb) wrote: Before drowning into "Chammak Challo", please watch this movie - recommendable for a class entertainment and also for developing true thoughts for our own [Bangladeshi] education system and corruption!Comparable with "3 Idiots", but this one more serious and political. Four stars - one less for the same old Indian melodramatic plots in the story, which could have been avoided.

Beth T (ru) wrote: Moving documentary that makes you feel like you've unearthed a buried time capsule. In post-civil rights era Houston, an inspiring and amazingly talented stage band director leads his Kashmere High School music students to a national championship and then on to tour Europe and Japan. The band reunites 30 years later to surprise him with a tribute. Great movie, really great music.

Neil C (nl) wrote: just about watchable, but awful really lol

M C (fr) wrote: Accepted is sometimes ridiculous, but overall very charming and funny, with a good performance by Justin Long. 65/100

Steve S (kr) wrote: *** (out of four) Well acted by a cast of heavyweights like Glenn Close, Kathy Baker, Cameron Diaz, Holly Hunter, Calista Flockhart, and Amy Brenneman. Independent, strong-willed single women move through different interlocking stories that showcase the talented ladies.

Chynna R (jp) wrote: Terrible quality, terrible acting, terrible sound, terrible story. All around a terrible movie but I absolutely love it. Yay Wal-Mart $1 bin!

Andrew R (kr) wrote: Directed and written by a music video producer, Belly is one of the best music videos of all time. Oh wait...it's a movie.

Kirk E (jp) wrote: A classic revenge tale characterized by solid performances and regrettably low-budget BBC production values.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Solid tale of murky financial enterprise and it's violent muscle--A gritty and hard-boiled adventure!!