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El sonambulo


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CA Cougar M (br) wrote: Worst horror movie since 2012!!!!!

rajab k (mx) wrote: Who knew a documentary could take so many turns?! From tears to a fist pumping final few scenes this smart and insightful piece is a masterclass in educational story telling of an unknown story which is more important than you'd know.

Timothy N (fr) wrote: A movie about a pissed off chef that tortures a snarky food critic with absolutely NO cannibalism? I have to say that I'm not impressed. I said good day!

Cait W (br) wrote: First of all it was kind of just a sad version of Pitch Black. Secondly - while the Riddick films were never doing anything particularly phenominal with it's female characters, this one manages to make it's singular speaking female role offensive by making her a lesbian and then having him change that somehow by being the "most manly of men" - most of which she doesn't even see because she stays on the ship while he is off fighting alien monsters, so I'm not sure why anything in her opinion changed at all. Riddicks literally just been a creepy douchebag to her through the entirity of her conversations with her. I mean the only difference between how he treats her and how the more antagonisty antagonist behaves is the guy you're supposed to hate trys to rape her and Riddick oh so politely tells her he will be "balls deep in her" when she inevitable asks him for it. It's like someone made a movie out of some cliche douchebag high school jocks wet dream.

Igor A (de) wrote: soliden film po knigata na Haruki Murakami...i da, naslovot e po pesnata na The Beatles, ako se prasuvate...

Matt B (gb) wrote: A 50/50 split between comedy & drama, filled with comedians without much in the way of chops for the latter and a generally dashed off, day in the life tone that feels more like a tv pilot with no future than an actual movie.

Amy C (ru) wrote: This was odd. Really, really odd. It felt as though Jonathan Weiss was trying to redefine the way films are made. He took a more artisitic stance. Obviously, this meant that the plot was useless. I just didn't get it. I tried to over analyse everything (which felt like what the film intended you to do). However, I think this is why I didn't like it. It just did not make sense to me. Odd.

Antoni G (fr) wrote: This sequel was unnecessary as simple as that.

Private U (de) wrote: Nope, havent seen it, but what a title..Excessive Force 2: Force on Force..kills me

Steve G (kr) wrote: *Spoiler: You know it's European, cause the bad guy wins. That, and the self-indulgent level of psychological study.Good drama. Well directed, and acted. But ZERO retribution. I hate that.I can't believe the protagonist's lack of justice. He says he doesn't want to punish the murderer. Doesn't even want to turn him in. He's as insane as his enemy. Why didn't he walk away?! Hope you enjoy your oval egg, since you thought it best to "do it for her." Hope you enjoy taking "destiny" in your own hands. Jerkface.The antagonist is pure evil. Her loss felt so final, that I actually fely incredibly relieved that the actress was still alive. SASKIA!

Kevin D (au) wrote: This is the 4th (of many more) Kieslowski films I've seen, and every time he amazes me at how he can make characters so realistic and down-to-earth that you hardly remember you're watching a movie. I thought it was fascinating.

Christophe C (it) wrote: Pas forcment le plus culte des Hitchcock, mais un excellent script d'arbre qui cache la fort...

Larry C (kr) wrote: I hate the actors in this movie.

Ashley D (ca) wrote: a bit of a mindless action film on par with the countless other run of the mill action movies

Henry T (au) wrote: Not funny. The title has to rank up there as one of the worst ever...