El sueño de Ibiza

El sueño de Ibiza


Three old friends who have each come to a crossroads in their lives. Carlos (Paco Marin) has decided he is a hedonist. Chica (Adriana Dominguez) has grown tired of her lifestyle on Ibiza and begins to seek something more. Nacho (Adria Collado) has found spiritual enlightenment in India and has returned to Ibiza and must now figure out how his new views fit into his old world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (es) wrote: ok family drama fare

Milo M (mx) wrote: Emotional powerhouse.

Jacob M (it) wrote: 4/100 What the absolute fuck?!!!!!!

Douglas Edward C (de) wrote: Great concept for a movie, we need something like this in American. Tons better than Eleven Men Out (even though that movie came out first and was considered ground breaking). Kind of a weak movie otherwise.

Wes S (ru) wrote: A bit too long, a bit too confusing, but it's still a fun watch. Craven tests the same waters again, and while the outcome isn't as successful, it still ends up being entertaining with clever characters and a nice 80's feel with the campy effects as a bonus.

Adam S (kr) wrote: The first of three consecutive Melville films to feature newly minted superstar Jean-Paul Belmondo in the lead, here playing a good looking country priest who takes the confessions, and intellectual conversations of sexually repressed and psychologically frustrated women during the Occupation, but finds a tough sell in atheist, communist widow Emmanuelle Riva. Melville takes Beatrix Beck's novel, about the yearnings of the woman for the handsome priest, and turns it into a symbolic story where the intellectual conversations between Morin and his flock are as much a form of sanity and resistance during the Occupation as was the silence between the niece and the ??good German?? in ??Le Silence de la mer??, but where the former was marked by expressionistic lighting and the restrictions of budget and location, here Melville, working primarily out of his Rue Jenner studio, takes pains to construct a mise-en-scene, through experimental editing and classical framing, that neither enhances, or devalues Morin's superiority over the women. It's a fine example of Melville's continuing, expanding dictatorial directing style.

The Critic (de) wrote: There are some examples of effective humour in this well-acted Martin and Lewis vehicle, but the overall product is unsatisfying.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Has its moments but mostly quite silly.The central plot was fairly ridiculous to start off with: man dies, comes back as a ghost and occasionally enters the body of his twin brother. Throw in villains trying to kill him, a fiance and a girfriend and it is very farcical.It doesn't end there, however. Some of Danny Kaye's antics are incredibly silly. He has his moments though.Probably the best reasons to watch this are Virginia Mayo, especially, and Vera-Ellen. Both are gorgeous and light up the screen. Mayo provides a great oasis of sanity in the middle of Kaye's hijinks. For a much better Danny Kaye-Virginia Mayo collaboration, see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty instead.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Unbelievably unfunny. Marlon Wayans has definitely lost his touch since his "Scary Movie" days.

rebecca s (br) wrote: I adored this movie. Over the top - yes, not quite believable, but so what!