El tiempo que se queda

El tiempo que se queda

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El tiempo que se queda 2007 full movies, El tiempo que se queda torrents movie

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El tiempo que se queda torrent reviews

Christina M (ag) wrote: Wow!! Random RedBox pick for us and it turned out great!! It kept us guessing for a bit until we finally forgives out what was happening! Very good and I would watch it again!

Felipe I (gb) wrote: Meio comunzo e bobo. Mas tem qualidades.

Brad T (ru) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. A must see in my opinion....

sarah h (ca) wrote: hilarious! will forever be a fav of our family. def a must see!

Steve S (jp) wrote: ** (out of four) Another routine action flick complete with hot babes, high-kicking dudes, and some fancy flag waving.

Avradeep S (de) wrote: One of the best samurai based films that I have seen. It is more about the ways of a ronin, the customs and traditions they followed in committing sepukku, the circumstances that drove a samurai to commit it etc. It paints a grim picture but also showcases the bravery of the ronin during that time.

Marcus H (kr) wrote: The plot seems like a vehicle for the beautiful cinematography. Not to say the story isn't interesting or well done. It is, though a bit simple and predicatable. The acting is good, but everything takes a back seat to the amazing visuals. Beautiful mountains, an epic forest fire, the destroyed landscape, and Siberian winter.

Twins S (gb) wrote: 'Godzilla' (1954), the original...Do not be fooled by the big lizard-monster's poster. From what it may seem to be a monster movie one is able to understand that the movie 'Godzilla' is a rendition of Japanese post war times, when the nuke's unknown power was unlashed on the land of the rising sun pervading unforeseen incomprehensible destruction.However the premises, 'Godzilla' is a monster movie...an unknown dinosaur-like beast of undeniable size, wreaking havoc in Tokyo believed to be the result of the American nuclear weapons testing. Godzilla unleashes (like a nuclear weapon) great power of incomprehensible destruction. The movie looks dated with its effects and its melodramatic acting; but yet we were still mesmerized by the excellent craft exhibit by its creators.The film holds up well, the gray scale photography renders in a very respectable and convincing way the model's cityscapes and Godzilla's costume?(and monster's hand glove).Exploring the human 'radioactive horror' of such terrible times by means of allegoric representation does not always work, but in 'Godzilla', the filmmakers brought in with great effort a very entertaining believable story. Even further, interesting is the question that the movie posits. 'Why does every great human's discovery used to create destruction?'There is a lot to be taken from this film, from the use of such ingenious effects, to the themes the story unravels carrying on with its compelling characters through the use of a wonderful heart-felt soundtrack.Truly 'Godzilla' is a great cinematographic experience; there is great pathos and that really allows you to overlook the old design effects and suspend disbelief.There is a tremendous emotional impact for the monster and the people that are facing this catastrophic event.At one point your senses even get switched to empathize with the menacing monster, like when Godzilla sits underwater resembling a lost harmless kid looking for its way home. ! Beautiful !'Godzilla' or in its native title "Gojira" is the best giant monster film we've ever seen.Watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Garrett C (fr) wrote: Watch the Criterion blu-ray of this and just try not to think that this is one of the most beautifully shot films of all time. Great commentary on the shallow bourgeoisie existence versus the search for meaning as well!

Gavin M (ru) wrote: Forget all the modern crap that pulls on this material. This is another under rated SF classic based on a Wells classic. It's examination of choice and the corrupting effects of power is one marks this out as a film that anyone serious about their movies should see. Read the story as well.

Joseph F (br) wrote: Sorely needs a better music track but very racy for its day.