El triunfo

El triunfo

Barcelona, 1980s: in a tough urban neighbourhood inhabited by survivors and ruled by ex-legionnaires Gandhi... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas F (br) wrote: toujours aussi drle et sexy.

jordan c (nl) wrote: This movie gets a 5 because of how fun it is to watch its not like the greatest movie ever or even close it has its faults but you can look past them to find a very enjoyable movie

Chris J (nl) wrote: This documentary is the best of its kind.

Hollie P (ru) wrote: Liked it VERY much, the only thing I didn't dig was the eye on eye at the very end. It was thought provoking (for me) to see the played out in Mary's POV

Karim H (es) wrote: Absolutely on of my favourite 80's movies, a gem in a sea of blah of teen romantic comedies of the time. This movie will surprise you, O'Toole delivers big time, he makes the movie. You'll have to look hard to find it, but its very worth while, and have some tissues with you when you watch it... :)

Jeremy H (es) wrote: Super Romantic Movie. Love it !

Collin P (gb) wrote: With impressive visuals and a timeless story, Peter Jackson's King Kong is heart warming and entertaining but is way too overlong and has comedic sequences added which are completely unnecessary.

Arun K (us) wrote: One of the epic trilogies ever made.. The movie doesn't match its predecessor - although comparing with a classic like "The Dark Knight" is quite unfair. Nolan gives a fitting end to the trilogy and the caped crusader. Bale, Hathaway & Hardy give excellent performances and decent performances from the rest of the cast.

Tim S (mx) wrote: The Karate Kid Part III is the third in a series of movies about a teenager who learns both karate and life lessons from an old man. The original film was a hit and spawned three sequels and a remake. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that they really should have stopped at two, or maybe even the one. I don't know whose idea it was to turn this into a franchise, but it was a poor one. I haven't really seen the original two films all the way through, but they're not hard to understand and take much away from. They were a part of pop culture for a while too, so that helps. And I can't understand how Ralph Macchio kept getting called back to do more movies. He's the most annoying actor this side of Shia Labeouf. The plot is pretty humdrum and meanders a lot, and Thomas Ian Griffith is just terrible and laughable. Rifftrax did a riffing on this movie, if that tells you anything. Not a great sequel, but it was a sequel that no one really wanted or needed in the first place. Word of advice Hollywood: better quit while you're ahead on this one.