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El último asalto


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Amanda H (es) wrote: I wasn't sure how I felt about this, until about halfway through. Once things started coming together I was really intrigued by it, and the last 15 minutes or so were absolutely terrifying. Low budget horror, when done properly, is much more effective than a million dollars worth of special effects, and this film is a great example.

Marina A (mx) wrote: An interesting take on the "virus" thriller.

Dickson F (mx) wrote: though i like overheard more, but this one is also cool.

Peter F (de) wrote: Fairly compelling look at Russia's crime and chemical problems.

Minny M (gb) wrote: It's a very tragic happening, the story is great, the actors are amazing but I just hate the way they talk in that movie it's just not...right!

Pierluigi P (au) wrote: Tornatore shaking off the etiquette of sensible coming of age storyteller with this insidious and violent intrigue with traces of giallo and the unavoidable Hitchcock (a femenine character sort of traumatized femme fatale with similar neurotic antics to those of Tippi Hedren in "Marnie", and Ennio Morricone's music uses Herrmann-esque violins. The only flaw: Michele Placido's character, underdeveloped and sometimes bordering caricature. Nevertheless, its suspenseful and rythmic plot never decays, ending up in a pretty pleasant way.

Vincent F (nl) wrote: While benefitting from an excellent performance from Cate Blanchett, who should've gotten an Oscar for it, from a solid direction from Schumacher and even from some very good acting on behalf of the rest of the cast (special mention to Ciaran Hinds), this movie does not really soar to the heights it should've aimed for. It often falls for easy sentiments (although, in real life, the situation was that intense and the Dublin gangs seemed to be as heartless as indicated in the movie) and it even squanders some of its time for over-long, overdone scenes (the assassination scene might go down in history as the worst example of such tactic). Overall, a good movie to watch with friends and family, but not a great movie nonetheless...

Dave G (es) wrote: A sad, lyrical, and lovely film.

Margara M (kr) wrote: loo quee maas me gusta de Almodovar es todo el color que tienen sus pelculas

Jim H (de) wrote: A prosecutor's mistress is murdered, and he becomes the prime suspect.Throughout the majority of this film, I was bored. Harrison Ford was not at his most dynamic, charming, or interesting, and the supporting players were also relatively bland; when Raul Julia is bland in a film, you've got a story. I was all set to give it two stars or lower, and then the end happened. It got me. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the ends of films, especially mysteries, but I was truly stumped, and I don't mind admitting it. What's great about the reveal is that it's not unfair. All the clues are there, but they're so subtly placed that it's understandable that I didn't pick up on them.Overall, while it's no The Usual Suspects, this film gets bonus points for its unpredictable and compelling ending.

Lee M (gb) wrote: A hip comedy "classic" that's as much fun as it is a blast from the past.

Joel R (au) wrote: Tragic love story by Almodovar that I adore...raw and passionate, and a head-turning performance by a then relatively unknown Banderas.

Kenneth B (kr) wrote: Yeah this is just the same film as The Fly only without the depth. A stale rehash.

Zach P (ru) wrote: Zoe Bell is a terrible arteries and shouldn't be in the same movie with the amazing Wesley. He makes the movie.

Russ B (us) wrote: 5/29/2016: Pretty much what you would expect from a Weird Al film. It was dumb, yet still funny.

Janika Maria B (es) wrote: Diane Lane dominated this film. You FELT the passion through her acting~