El último desafio

El último desafio


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Susanna M (es) wrote: Excellent quality filming. Generally, poor acting. Moral of the romance part of the story (i.e. Annabel) = don't "fall in love" with strange pu$$y. Overall, it doesn't diminish the true message of the movie.

Jillian L (gb) wrote: So...hm. I don't quite know what to think of this one. Because. Spoiler alert. He isn't actually a superhero. He thinks he's one. Which, actually could be material for a really funny comedy. But the thing is, Griff is almost "too" quirky for any of it to be considered funny. As in he might actually be psychologically damaged in some way, which puts this movie in a whole new light, so in that respect, it could be a really interesting drama. Except, the stuff he does is funny. Like booby trapping the office, running around the streets, it's too funny to be a drama. So, I don't think the writer quite knew what he wanted to do with this one. However, what I did appreciate was Ryan Kwanten's performance. I am so used to seeing him as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood. This is a really nice change of pace for him. Griff is painfully shy, and more than a little quirky. Kwanten handles the interesting script really well. Overall though, he couldn't save the indecisive super hero movie.

Matt R (fr) wrote: Another top notch Kung Fu action adventure starring the ever excellent Donnie Yen ... highly entertaining if anything maybe a bit too heavy on the SPFX in places...

celina h (gb) wrote: the lesseon learned must be applied in or real life situation! :)

Austyn S (br) wrote: watched the trailer and it looked fake and gay

Wayne K (kr) wrote: The Motorcycle Diaries, or more fittingly, The Whatever Mode Of Transport Happens To Be Available At The Time Diaries, is very much a mixed bag. The direction is excellent, the performances sincere and the photography is fantastic. It truly encapsulates what it feels like to experience your homeland and close neighbours in a way you never have before, and discovering a world hidden just below the surface which you were previously ignorant of. Its chief flaws are in its characters, or more specifically, their depiction. Our hero Mr. Guevara is painted as one of the saintliest individuals ever seen on the big screen. He's the kind of person who, upon seeing a person in pain or financial destitution, will wander off to a cliff edge or riverside to stare dejectedly into the distance. There's no indication that he'll soon become the violent and radical revolutionary whose likeness adorned many-a bedroom poster. Here he couldn't be any nicer if he were to wander around picking wild flowers and offering them to the elderly. Many of the people who they run into either have little to contribute or are simply there to group together and stare awkwardly into the camera in several incongruous and downright bizarre shots. It's not paced very well and only stretches to 2+ hours became of numerous unnecessarily protracted scenes. It's not interesting enough to be a character study and not explorative enough to be a road movie. It's mediocre at best, and isn't wholly worth the effort that must've went into it.

Thomas T (kr) wrote: Surprisingly, I cared for a bunch of lighthearted and witty talking animals.

Alvaro d (ru) wrote: Overall, Cher simply amazes me, she can accomplish anything! I'm just as impressed with her acting. Lovely film, kinda old-school romanticism. Olympia Dukakis as well? does an amazing job in this movie.

Tom H (es) wrote: Entertaining film about pilots risking their necks in the Andes mountains carrying mail. Cary Grant is great as the overly stubborn Geoff Carter.

Collin R (fr) wrote: step one, get two big name actors step two tell add nothing else to the movie

Tucker S (jp) wrote: So damn funny. One of the only good happy Madison movies

David B (kr) wrote: not much of a fan of daniel craig layer cake is worth watching at least once though. re 3.5-4

Joshua L (us) wrote: This movie was pretty solid. A lot better than I thought it'd be.

Catie S (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies!