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Shidan C (ru) wrote: This film is one of few that shows the diversity of views that different groups have towards the Iraq War. There are more than just two "sides" to the story, and more than just "us vs. them". With some of the most realistic acting and portrayal of the situation in the middle east, the movie carries a powerful message that mirrors "The Green Zone" in the feeling it gives the viewer (whether the exact events depicted in this movie are true or not). The production and direction was amazing, with little to improve on. If you watch this movie with no pre-conceptions, you will leave from it realizing the consequences of the American Governments decision to invade Iraq; the use of women and child soldiers by terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda; the tense, stressful, and difficult position U.S. marine corps are put in when given orders they know are wrong; and what the innocents among the civilian population (most of the civilians) have to face every day...stuck between people "fighting for Iraq" and soldiers "fighting for freedom". Too quickly we run to blame EVERY person on one side or the other, when we need to realize that we are all individuals who should be judged by our actions and not our titles (ie. Arab, Christian, American etc.).

Lisa H (br) wrote: We saw this last night and loved it. Totally recommend it to everyone I know. (We rented it from Netflix.) Great movie!

Diane B (ca) wrote: A teeny bit better than the first

Simon P (au) wrote: Quirky, another Coxy curiosity.

Sean C (gb) wrote: Far better than most direct-to-video sequels could ever hope to be, but sadly, still a direct-to-video sequel.

Andrew P (ru) wrote: A sequel of sorts to "Kentucky Fried Movie," this unfunny movie retains none of the former's politically incorrect go for the gusto. Instead, we're treated (and I use that term loosely) to sketches that are far too long with ideas that aren't nearly as wacky as the film would have you believe directed in the most thuddingly bland way possible. You may chuckle at a premise or two, but all the funny is sucked out by the end of it. Thankfully, the film clocks in at under 90 minutes, otherwise I would have given it an even worse grade.

Fernando D (ca) wrote: It's boring, it's not bloody as we expect from a movie like this, it's terribly cliche, and even on its best moments you'll have that deja-vu feeling! Pathfinder looks good, but thats all the movie has to offer, visuals and nothing more!

Paul S (de) wrote: My favourite movie! I like em strange, scarey and made with that rare clockwork called a heart grafted to a brain and this moved me deeply! So much so I spent years in the sucessful hunt for the wonderful soundtrack and book. Recommend the book a lot for what it left out and the movie for what it added and made better!!!! Bravo!!!! We need more like this!!!! 23 years later and still unbeaten!!! Filming, acting, plot, visuals engageability and MAGIC 100%!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

Olaine B (jp) wrote: hilarious and action

Meg T (fr) wrote: Like so many horror movies, a story that is really about grief and how we deal with it.

Jerry D (br) wrote: Had my dvr set to record Motel Hell on TCM earlier this month and they played this instead. At first it irritated me but I'm glad I stuck with it. I remember seeing this on the Not Quite Hollywood doc. Excellent movie that is basically Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window on the road. A man think he sees a murder taking place and becomes obsessed with it.