El último túnel

El último túnel


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Xander K (de) wrote: Pleasant, but does not in any way compare to something like Before Sunrise.

Scott M (ca) wrote: Very formulaic, no twists or surprises, very few jokes and very disjointed dialogue. Some actors wished they were somewhere else

Nick P (es) wrote: Jay Brown, has made a fun film with humor, which tells a story of Paul Watson and all Sea Shepherds unwavering passion to end murder and exploitation of earths heart the Ocean.

Arturo R (au) wrote: Pelcula barata con emociones sinceras

Alyson C (ru) wrote: Not that I like Johnny Cash or anything. I actually pretty much loathe him. But I still want to see what all the fuss is about.

Matthew L (nl) wrote: On paper this should be a stone cold classic a quirky futuristic set reworking of Butch and Sundance in reality we get a bit of dud that doesn't quite lift off. The biggest problem is the chemistry between Rourke and Johnson or the lack of, its just impossible to believe that they are friends who pick up where they left off after years apart. This should be a cult classic instead its just a random entry on both mens CVs.

Daniel S (ag) wrote: Though the first hour is very nice to look at and interesting. It is very slow and you can get distracted. But once it picks up it picks up fast and the next 2 and a half hours we are given great characters as well as great action and a wonderful story that educates people on the culture of Indian people. In the end you could watch 4 more hours of it and not get bored with the characters or story. It has its humor that evens out its drama and intense moments and leaves you not wanting it to end.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Very close to being a flawless work of cinematic art.

Chung M (es) wrote: enjoyed watching this flick. My favorite thing about it is the way the romance goes through a deep low in the middle of the movie

Ante P (es) wrote: I liked many things in this sequel to "Female Prisoner Scorpion...": cinematography, direction (there are several scenes that are truly astounding) and the lead actress Meiko Kaji are just some of them...But there's only one problem: violence. The first movie had some violent scenes, but they were all shot rather tastefully. This one is just vicious, with some brutal rape scenes and grisly gore effects. If you liked the first movie and you're able to stomach the violence, watch it. Otherwise, stay away.

Emily S (fr) wrote: Because it's old-fashioned, I can give in to the overly dramatic, heart-thumping reenactments of the American Revolution. It was lots of fun to watch as a ten-year-old.

Joe C (es) wrote: One of the most arthouse movies to ever arthouse, Ikiru (literally translated as "to live") is the complete opposite of Kurosawa's samurai epics, and is an intimate chamber piece, as heartfelt and affecting as his other films are epic and thrilling. Discovering he is in the last stages of terminal stomach cancer, an elderly civil servant emerges from his self absorption and devotes his last days to discovering the purpose to life, which ultimately leads to him building a kids playground in the slums. A rare case of Kurosawa tackling (and criticizing) modern Japanese society, Akira Kurosawa demonstrates his range by segueing from acidic dissection of Japanese office workaholism to understated, uplifting tragedy. One of the greatest masterpieces in any language, If you don't cry at the end at the unbearably moving final image of a man on a swing in the rain, you need a new heart.

Isaiah B (jp) wrote: Some promise of witty satire but quickly goes from that to your average rom com with not very many likable characters

David O (it) wrote: This animated adventure is a nice change of pace for Disney who do a great job in giving a unique look and style to the film. The characters are bold with clear archetypes they are meant to be nodding to which helps in creating a mythical, beautiful and intriguing world. With so much to tell however the film becomes very packed with information and moves along at a very brisk pace, wrapping up story points just as they begin leaving less room for certain characters introduced half way into the movie.

Atheer O (ag) wrote: Fun and entertaining to watch but do not expect any reasonable plot to emerge from it.

Nathaniel M (ca) wrote: Fell short on being fully informative. Thesis was cloaked within a larger subject matter and felt like a bait and switch.