El vagón de la muerte

El vagón de la muerte


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El vagón de la muerte torrent reviews

Gary L (jp) wrote: Was good - seen worst animated movies

Duke Tape (au) wrote: A love story caught in the middle of Yakuza assasins pimps and thieves. Asano is much more charming then his roll in Ichii the killer

Angela V (de) wrote: It's almost perfect! Very touching...

EllenRebekah A (au) wrote: Oh, does Dear Tennant know how to do madness. Shakespeare is certainly easier to get into in action, you get context clues as my third grader says. Still hard for me to understand, but Tennant and all the rest put on a great performance. I was prepared to watch in two parts but having started earlier enough, and having interest enough, I watched the near three hours in one sitting.

Daniela T (es) wrote: I loved! Very good movie!!! It has a good story and good actors!

Alan N (gb) wrote: Awesome movie! Col Braddock & his friend struggle 4 survival in Vietnamese POW camp. Full of torture, humiliation, adventure , fighting for survival & action.

Ben B (br) wrote: And maybe in 1974 this film had a more profound meaning but it definitely did not hold up. It meandered and was borderline boring. However, the cat that played Tonto was near purrrfect.

dalton l (es) wrote: Why isn't this movie famous? I just don't get it. This is not a explotation flick like some would precive it to be, due to it not really exploting anything big like in the "last house on the left" case. But the main thing is that people are not taking in about this movie, is that it is an art movie. The plot is binding and twisting (almost like a joel and ethan coen film) into a creepy climax (wich the climax appears in dark room with halve the movie questons still unanswered). The cinematography is i admit "cheap" it still captures the holiday creepyness within this flick. i really recomend it.

Steve W (us) wrote: Basic martial arts film finds a sword master on the run when he kills the corrupt prime minister who wrongly accused and killed his father. While hiding out undercover, he befriends a wanderer who is in love with his fiance, and is also pursued by the deadly Flying Fish gang. There's some cheesy ballads and a bit of action, but none of it was very memorable.

Raji K (nl) wrote: Bill Murray stars as Vincent in St. Vincent, a film written and directed by Theodore Melfi. Vincent is a man of questionable character, in that he drinks heavily, gambles frequently, visits prostitutes, and owes money all across town. When his new neighbor Maggie (Melissa Mccarthy) moves in and accidentally damages his tree, fence and car, Vincent threatens to sue for retribution. Right from the start Maggie and her son Oliver, can tell he will be an unpleasant neighbor. When Oliver gets locked out of the house, Vincent agrees to watch him for an hourly rate. The two begin to bond, due to Maggie's working schedule, and unknown to her, he teaches him how to fight, gamble and even goes to a bar. These events cause her to lose her custody and hate Vincent. What they do not know is that Vincent, is actually a caring person underneath who is a war veteran, a man caring for his dying wife, and simply is at a rough point in his life. The prostitute he is with (Naomi Watts), is a woman that he still cares for and helps her with her pregnancy. Oliver deems that all these characteristics make Vincent equitable to a modern-day saint. St. Vincent features solid performances, particularly from Bill Murray. Melissa McCarthy proves she has a bit more range than being the comedic fat girl in a film. In many instances its McCarthy's character who is more of the bad person for she is quite stubborn. She fights for her son even though she clearly cannot tend to him, and she is completely oblivious to any of the circumstances that occur throughout the day with her son as Murray's character does point out. Despite good performances, the film feels a bit too contrived. All the events that continue to unfold throughout the movie seem to just be all too obvious to advance the story or try and throw an emotional curve and element to the film. The moral of the story is certainly to love your neighbor, and to not judge a book by its cover. There were many times where I felt the film is trying too hard to be an deeply emotional, but uplifting drama. The film is worth watching for those who are a fan of Murray or independent movies, but does not extend much beyond that. -12.19.2016

Niels S (de) wrote: Overset og ganske udmrket actionfilm af Hill, som jeg ikke havde hrt om fr i forgrs. Handlingen foregr ikke i Sierra Madre, men i East Saint Louis, men ellers er der masser af guldjgerstemning, da to bondske brandmnd fra Arkansas gr p jagt efter en skjult skat i en kondemneret fabriksbygning i East Saint Louis, som desvrre ligger p en lokal bandes territorium.