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El verdugo


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Karsh D (ag) wrote: Good tense Aussie thriller that runs along similar lines to Sleeping with the enemy. Although the creepy psycho over played it a tad too much

Aleena K (au) wrote: This movie was pretty good.. For ages 13+

Patrick B (it) wrote: Nice french story without any action nor special effect about life and relationship between men and women.

Nathan J (ca) wrote: "Trumpy, you can do stupid things!"

Alexander C (it) wrote: This was very silly but had its moments!

Leo L (it) wrote: it pains me to see J.Margolin in this... this waste of film. the stupidest spy thriller I ever saw

AJ S (es) wrote: Ingmar Bergman often claimed there was not much to say about ??Sawdust and Tinsel??, although he had a special place in his heart for it. This little contradiction actually says a lot about the circus and theater dramedy considering it is an extremely personal film for the imminent Swedish master that fails to translate well to his audience. His narrative is almost entirely built around one idea: the jealousy that arises when recklessly delving into a current lover??s past sexual transgressions. This was Bergman??s original fascination, but he takes it a step further by documenting an aging circus ringleader losing his virtuous mistress to a seductive theater actor. ?ke Grnberg appears almost entirely miscast as the gullible and ungainly protagonist while Harriet Andersson handles her designated, childish object of desire with great versatility. Everything before their central climax does little to advance the story ?? albeit with intriguing anecdotes ?? and the conclusion seems rushed even if it is more interesting than the first act. The story wants to break free of the confines it is subjected to at points, yet is usually contained or liberated at the wrong moments. There are attractive contents found in Bergman??s personal tale as most of them lie within this fact of it being entirely delicate in substance; saving the film from falling anywhere near what was famously dubbed ??Bergman??s latest vomiting?? by a Swedish critic.

David D (ru) wrote: With a cute idea, an interesting story, a good script and fine dialogue, a talented cast headed by Martin Lawrence, Raven Symone, Donny Osmond and Brenda Song, great directing by Roger Kumble, funny scenes and sequences, and a short but okay pace and flow, College Road Trip is a Disney film that will have you laughing, in joy and in tears in this story of a father's girl going to college.

Tobias E (kr) wrote: Colin Farrell er virkelig god i denne film. Det er de i vrigt alle.