El virgo de Visanteta

El virgo de Visanteta

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El virgo de Visanteta torrent reviews

Dani P (br) wrote: Super boring. A waste of Kristen Wiig's talent.

Eduardo S (fr) wrote: me gusto aunque me pareci bastante bajn y lenteja por momentos

Ivan M (ag) wrote: not so bad, has some blanks to fill in but its rather interesting when it comes to story :) good movie i must say.

Liya G (jp) wrote: What a touching movie about dreams, loss and reality.

Steve M (kr) wrote: Good movie - if your from a french heritage you'll love this movie!

Jason M (nl) wrote: It's okay, but it's Lacey Chabert that gets this movie this high a rating. She is so pretty . . .

Yasemin Y (ag) wrote: Such a beautiful movie. Jack Nicholsons performance is on top as always

Cancelled U (it) wrote: great book; ok movie

Andrew L (it) wrote: Petersen has only ever made one good film, 'Das Boot'. All the others have been pretty appalling Hollywood fair. A very boring film that for some reason always seems to be on TV.

Joanna C (ru) wrote: Honestly better than twilight. I've read the book and while some parts related to the movie including the title, others were things they failed to put in. Because they changed parts of the movie that didn't follow the book, it was like the plot was rushed. It lacked emotional connection with some of the characters. At some points it got a bit predictable and cliche. But I did like the chemistry between Clary and Jace.