El vuelo de la paloma

El vuelo de la paloma


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Luis C (es) wrote: Para variar un poco al escenario de la eterna lucha del bien y el mal, ahora enfrentan a grgolas con demonios en esta nueva versin de Frankenstein basada en un cmic. No se qu tan bien adaptada est, pero definitivamente tiene su grado de entretenimiento que para ser una pelcula basada en un cmic y volver a un monstruo prcticamente un superhroe pues cumple con la labor de no hacerlo tan obvio.No es una pelcula seria, definitivamente nace para rellenar un nicho que ha dejado un amplio sector de batallas de lobos contra vampiros, de ah que sus creadores (pero no del cmic) estn vinculados a esta pelcula. Sin embargo est entretenida, ojal en un futuro tenga oportunidad de verla en 3D porque parece que s debe lucirlo.

Simon R (it) wrote: I loved this film. It followed Doom 3 video game very closely.

Christopher S (nl) wrote: Pretty good film but not as good as it could have been. Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes pulled off being good boxers in the film and that carried it. Other than that, Peter Falk's character was confusing and the story was not that good. Compared to his other works, this was by far one of the lesser films that Walter Hill directed. The soundtrack was not that good either; whatever film Master P is in, it is probably not going to be good.

Charlie E (ag) wrote: it's good, but not like the first one, yet even the first one could have been a lot better itself as well.

Jonathan H (it) wrote: Intended as a quick cash in on Gremlins, like Mac & Me was to ET, Hobgoblins features what is quite possibly the most astonishing battle sequence involving yard tools.

Sam W (nl) wrote: It's funny that not many people know about this one. The defeat of the "gods" attracts me alot.

Greg W (jp) wrote: gr8 bio-pic with an amazing cast i loved this one

Chris Y (nl) wrote: Nice. I haven't seen it in 35 years. I enjoyed it at 44 years old ...

Francisco F (mx) wrote: Chef-d'oeuvre meconnu.

Edgar C (it) wrote: A macabre visualization of what was once a "paradise". Pollet's perspective is disturbing in the fact that he interrupts a seemingly peaceful reality with something more obscure in an abrupt manner. Its experimental genius, no matter how great it is, was difficult to appreciate in its era nationally and abroad, and its even harder to read the cultural undertones with our present contemporary setting. 99/100

Vernon G (kr) wrote: The plot went nowhere, the acting was terrible and I gave it an extra star only for the great music (Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, .38 Special)