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Kameron W (au) wrote: I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. The only true setback of watching is the films length. Not sure it needed to be 2.5 hours but what do you expect when it's the same director as the first three films in the pirates of the Caribbean franchise

Alexander D (ag) wrote: Not as good as SUPER SIZE ME, but Spurlock does a good job at least trying to hunt down "OBL", as he refers to bin Laden in this film. Unfortunately, it's a waste of time to watch the film today, since "OBL" is dead.

Lisa Y (es) wrote: lmao..so wrong an yet funny, thank god larry the cable guy never went into our forces we'd be screwed....lol

Yousif V (ag) wrote: A whimsically ludicrous treat.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Funny clever and something we all wish we had, One of Adam Sandler's better films.

Sheryl S (us) wrote: I quit watching when she killed her cat!!! Dont waste your money...sorry Will Ferrell

Agnieska K (es) wrote: I think even I could write a better scriptzero acting skills (with very few exceptions)boring boring boring

Hector E (kr) wrote: huh? ummm i think... maybe I know

Robyn M (ag) wrote: Movie with Heart, compasion and estrange humor.When Angus is outcast because of his weight he's constantly the butt of jokes. His bestfriend is like a turtle hiding under his shell when hell breaks loose. Angus is a dreamer and inspires us all to stand up for what you are, People can truly be cruel Angus welcomes us to his life. This movie really is about skin deep personalitys.

Jack O (gb) wrote: Under Siege, all of Steven Seagal movies always outstands me for what a colossal hold and a colossal mess it is both at the same time. The result is all of them but not this one. I know all of you people are gonna say, you all going to say that Steven Seagal is crap cause I know I've heard my dad said it. But for me, I'm a big Steven Seagal fan. This film is good, very underrated. It might be worth a watch.

Gabe A (de) wrote: Well filmed and worthwhile movie.

Reid V (es) wrote: With the 80's explosion of homosexuality in the mainstream, director William Friedkin set out to explore the tension that consumed New York during this time. How a fear of the "other" during this anxious period, so easily manifest itself as hate.Now, what I just described above, is fodder for a great film. Unfortunately, Friedkin's final product "Cruising", isn't that great film. It often forgoes the dark and compelling for the shocking and exploitative. Friedkin seems to lend as much grace and finesse to this subject that he clearly has a cursory knowledge of. Meaning of course, he lends incredibly little.What the viewer gets in essence is a clunky gay horror film in which a hesitant Pacino slowly becomes immersed in a seedy realm of the subversive gay world.It's filmed in such a way that it feels like a gay Rome, replete with an all-consuming plague like hedonism that is meant to appall. I mean, why else would Friedkin go to such lengths to make sure the viewer gets treated a nice long fisting scene? Friedkin cuts together shots of a knife being thrust into a man's back with others of a penis being plunged into a man's butt. It is hard to not feel like Friedkin is grimly equating murder with homosexuality. This is even furthered by a certain scene in which blood is seen spurting, ejaculating, on the screen in a theater that plays gay porn. The acts of these deviants are drenched in the blood of countless men.In fact, Friedkin seems so intent on wanting to shock that he ends up not really saying anything of substance. He really only succeeds in propagating stereotypes, fear, and that if a black man in a cowboy hat and jockstrap walks into a room with you, it would behoove you to walk out.I find Friedkin to be one of the more fascinating figures in American cinematic history. When he hits it, he cranks it out of the park. When he misses, he not only wastes a good opportunity, he also seems to throw his shoulder out in the process. It is no wonder that after a disaster like this, it has been an uphill battle just getting himself back in the game.

Steve W (ca) wrote: G-Men is basic good guys vs. badguys, with James Cagney as a good guy this time. He's a small time lawyer who decides to join the G-Men after his friend is killed by the mafia. Cagney goes after the badguys, and he gets them in this formulaic crime action movie.

Elton G (au) wrote: This movie...it's not good.

Briana H (it) wrote: Pattinson was so good. Cute story too.

Richard B (es) wrote: Jane Birkin lives next door to a fantasising professor. Soundtrack by George Harrison.