Stories takes place in disable people. The story starts when one of the disable persons starts an affair. She end up pregnant as a result of the affair. It portrays how the disable girl ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Elbowroom 2010 full movies, Elbowroom torrents movie

Stories takes place in disable people. The story starts when one of the disable persons starts an affair. She end up pregnant as a result of the affair. It portrays how the disable girl ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lene (de) wrote: A good family film, but the lead's performance is soooo flat! She's irritatingly dull! With the exception of the red haired boy and the aunt, the characters were for the most part unlikable. I liked the story, even if the song (see title) falls flat in the end.

jarrad b (gb) wrote: not a stand out from the many end of the world movies that are around, but nothing special at all.

Eva Katalin G (nl) wrote: another vampire movie

Tabatha T (es) wrote: Never heard of this one ethier,.

Faley A (es) wrote: Massacre, genocide occurred in Rwanda, humane movie..

Charlie G (ag) wrote: Plenty of action. James Bond type movie. A hoodlum is bushwacked into helping infiltrate an out of control gang called Anarchy 99.

Don M (us) wrote: Just a really good movie.

Daniel J (ru) wrote: GAHHHHH I WISH I COULD GIVE IT MORE THAN FIVE STARS!!!my friend and i look for really bad, poorly made horror movies to laugh at.and this movie, jesus christ, was so funny!but we were laughing with it, not at it.amazing.i loved it.

Fedor W (fr) wrote: Not bad at all. Rourke was good, not the best storyline though.

Emma J (ag) wrote: This hasn't aged well but the idea is nice

Jerem M (ru) wrote: Not one of the best musicals ever made, but the story is endearing. The film, however, falls flat. Sets are no substitute for the Scottish landscape, Mr. Minelli! It might have brought a little more life to the acting, as well.

Kevin R (au) wrote: They also place great value in dying.Hondo comes walking out of the desert with his dog and into the lives of a woman and her son. Hondo is half Native American and feels compelled to protect the family when their lives are on the line and under the attack of a local Apache tribe. Can one man stop the Indian tribe or will his efforts fall short and lead to the dramatic fall of the family? "I can't swim.""Everyone can swim. Just reach out and grab a handful of water."John Farrow, director of The Hitler Gang, Reno, Sorority House, China, California, The Unholy Wife, A Bullet is Waiting, and Copper Canyon, delivers Hondo. The storyline for this picture is entertaining to watch unfold but isn't a classic western and wasn't as compelling as it could have been. The acting is okay and the cast includes John Wayne, Geraldine Page, James Arness, Paul Fix, Michael Pate, and Ward Bond."Everybody gets dead. It was his turn."I watched this randomly off Netflix primarily because this month was its last month it was going to be available online. It was very average and fairly disappointing. This is a slightly above average picture but far from a classic western."You let mommy do the talking."Grade: C+

Anna N (jp) wrote: In general I avoid westerns.

Paul B (kr) wrote: not as good as i expected

Drew R (jp) wrote: LOVE the dry humour and quirky wit this film exudes. Kinda like a Mean Girls for the indie scene.

Kevin L (fr) wrote: Made with high production value and faithfulness to the source material, The Sorcerer's Stone is a magical albeit straightforward introduction to Harry Potter, his friends, and the wizarding world

Martin S (kr) wrote: Always enjoy these over-the-top professionals with remarkable skills. Horrible world he gets into, made me really sad.