Electric Dragon 80.000 V

Electric Dragon 80.000 V

A young boy gets jolted with electricity as he's climbing a cable pylon. As he gets older, he experiences intense fits of violence in which bolts of electricity burst from his fists. Elsewhere in Tokyo, there is an electronics wizard who also happens to be a vigilante with a taste for electric weapons. When the pair catch each others attention, the result is a battle that will light up the city.

A young boy gets jolted with electricity as he's climbing a tall cable pylon. As he gets older, he experiences intense fits of violence in which bolts of electricity burt from his fists. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (es) wrote: Some good points, but the whole thing is incredibly dull with questionably long drawn-out segments.

Wiebke K (de) wrote: Confusing ending, unclear corruption, and a main character whose voice overs are not very convincing, no matter how interesting the actual case is.

Clay B (ca) wrote: CODE NAME: THE CLEANER (2007)

Scott M (nl) wrote: Kind of an off kilter comedy about a guy who tries to play detective and somehow succeeds even though he has no business doing so. He's also in love with his childhood friend, played by Monaghan. Its a silly story really. You really have to like Robert Downey. I do, so I like this movie.

Larry M (kr) wrote: Hot chicks on the beach. Nice!

Lacey W (kr) wrote: I love this movie it is the best !!!

Russell H (ru) wrote: Fraser was funny as the idiot out of his element and Christopher Walken is outrageous as always. It made me laugh several times.

Jason O (mx) wrote: A boy, Pete, is very close to his grandfather (Dennis Weaver). While Pete and his parents are visiting the old timer that has seen many good and bad times in years past, Pete hears some news that he didn't want to hear. To get away from the harsh reality of the bad news that life just threw them, Pete and his grandpa take a trip to the mountainous woods in order to spend some time quality time together. Never did they expect something bad to happen which would cause them to get lost in the upbeat wilderness that never rests. To say the least, "Escape From Wildcat Canyon" is full of adventure once the two get lost. They'll have to deal with hungry wolves, frightening heights, fast flowing rivers that can chill you to the bone (not to mention that it's the cold season), and much more. It'll not only take teamwork, but a lot of luck will also come in handy for them to get through this expedition alive. Granted, "Escape From Wildcat Canyon" doesn't have the best acting that anybody's ever seen (Dennis Weaver, the Grandpa, is great though), and it may be a little cliched, but it's still a good movie, especially for all you adventure fans out there. There's also a lot of nice scenery to take in while watching the film. So, regardless of the fact that you've probably never even heard of this movie (I hadn't till tonight), give it a shot by watching it on TV, or better yet, buy the movie. It's worth it. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2002. A movie I'd never heard of but just happened to be flipping through the channels and found - glad I did! The release date on Flixster is totally wrong, cause I watched and review this on Amazon in 2002.

Ashley C (ru) wrote: Also a Childhood FAV!!!!!!!!!!

Turtleboy G (it) wrote: This was a pretty good movie suprisingly. It was obviously a little girly for me, considering I'm a guy, but I still enjoyed it. The dialogue was very well written and the acting was pretty solid. I actually found myself liking the characters as well. I felt the story was a little bland, and some plots were sort of forgotten, but other than that this was a pretty good movie. Definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sort of fun movies.

Peter F (ru) wrote: It may not be as grandiose a sphagetti western as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but it predates it, and its pulpy thrills and exaggerated gun fights certainly were vital towards creating you-know-who's aesthetic.

Michael S (kr) wrote: Stunning cabaret scenes!

Hugo G (au) wrote: 3.4/10It some a lot of bloody imagines involving self harming, and although that was hard to watch sometimes, the story was nonlinear and very hard to understand. And although it had some familiar faces in the cast, the movie wasn't good nor entertaining. ~February 28, 2016~