Electric Shadows

Electric Shadows

For no apparent reason, a mute young woman assaults a youth who delivers water on his bicycle, injuring him and ruining his bike. Surprisingly, she asks him to feed her fish while she is in custody. Her tiny apartment, he discovers, is a shrine to his favorite escape, the movies.

For no apparent reason, a mute young woman assaults a youth who delivers water on his bicycle, injuring him and ruining his bike. Surprisingly, she asks him to feed her fish while she is in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan R (ru) wrote: I was expecting this be a much slower movie to get through, but its so emotional I was on the edge of my seat the last 2/3 of the movie. Beautiful and heartbreaking

James S (nl) wrote: With the addition of James Bond and Dumbledore, the cast of Lock Stock star in yet another gangster esque movie. The recognisable actors are not a negative however, as each of them fits their role well; combining enough grit with comedy. However the comedy was not near as good as it is in similar films, although does have some funny moments. These instances were unexpected and formed my best memories of the film. Craig performed well, as did Gambon, although I failed to really become engaged in the storyline. I don't often say this but a slightly longer length might have benefited the storyline, as many scenes and instances felt somewhat rushed. This left the revelations to be less shocking and I often missed the drama whilst working out why exactly it was a twist. Layer Cake is definitely worth a watch if you're after a gangster type movie, however it failed to dazzle me. Lock Stock and Snatch remain in a different league.

Cody E (ca) wrote: i just watched this movie to get a bj

Seth Y (fr) wrote: Ghosts of The Abyss is an interesting continuation of James Cameron's exploration of the Titanic wreckage. Complete with Bill Paxton, this documentary feels like it would have been better suited as a special feature to compliment the 1997 movie. Although it's a bit lackluster for a feature film, it is a fascinating viewing experience. Many of the shots are breathtaking, especially when superimposed with CGI images of the original ship and passengers. There's a surreal feeling to this film, as the dates of this exploration overlapped with the events of September 11th, 2001. As the crew was focused on this historic tragedy, another one was taking place. I enjoyed this for what it is, but I can't give it a very high rating. Sadly, there's just not a whole lot to it.

Nicholas B (ru) wrote: Pretty damn good movie, if course it's horror not the best genre but still good, I have to say I really found this movie terrific to watch there is a lot of reasons why.

Devon W (gb) wrote: A truly unique film noir. A fantasy world set in the 40's where everyone but our lead detective uses magic. Lots of nods towards famous horror people as character names, cameos from vampires, werewolves, gremlins, etc and all sorts of creepy gooey demon creatures.Combine this with a very campy/charming feel and some remarkably well done special effects and you got yourself a very underrated classic that, despite some pacing issues warrants a watch!Plus, David Warner just makes any movie better, especially in anything involving Lovecraft material.

May R (es) wrote: i know its cheesy but i still love it!

J K (ca) wrote: Ok, since I'm on a Prince kick I'll review this one. To give you an idea how awful this movie was all you have to do is compare it to Purple Rain. Under the Cherry Moon made Purple Rain look like The Ten Commandments. It was that bad. Some great music on Prince's part but not near the caliber of Rain. Prince was a Gigalo. Big surprise there. Jerome from Morris Day and the Time is NOT an actor. He's a butler. Kristin Scott Thomas is actually adorable in this film. Where the hell did this girl go? Instead we get the boring and droll English actress that bores me to death in today's movies. Crap, crap and a crap sandwich.

Skilled S (jp) wrote: Funny and interesting megamind is a way to view a villains perspective