Vladimir is reaching the end of his life and decides to leave his wealth to his only daughter, cutting out his wife and her son from his will.

When a sudden illness and an unexpected reunion threaten dutiful housewife Elena's potential inheritance, she must hatch a desperate plan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony J (br) wrote: It opens well with a beautiful blonde woman intruding on a stumbling and confused Gary Oldman. Then segues into a weird voice over from Christian Slater and kinda goes downhill from there. Some familiar faces show up and phone in their performances. I found some of the captions throughout the film were pretty annoying and pretentious aswell. How can someone who could "shoot the wiskers off your chin from 50 yards" miss the target so frequently? This movie was so full of clichs, the busty blonde assassin kept reciting famous literary quotes (Edgar Allen Poe) before she would kill.

matt s (nl) wrote: If you don't get goosebumps watching Bill Withers cry, then you're not a human. A slight, but powerful documentary. I wish Withers would come back and make an album like Gil Scott-Heron, and show musicians what they're missing. A must for Withers' fans.

Ashley M (kr) wrote: funniest movie eveeerrr! LMAO

Cameron J (jp) wrote: Fear not, foreigners trapped in horrible social and political turmoil, because Angelina Jolie is here to save you, as always! I love how this role of a humanitarian was essentially made for Jolie, and she still got a Razzie nod. I'm sure the Razzie people who just try and find something to pan were the only ones who saw this film, because, wow, this film bombed for a Martin Campbell flick. I can understand why the man did "The Legend of Zorro" right after this, because he need to get his money back, although I don't feel too sorry for him, because he just had to have known that a sequel that features Zorro taking his swashbuckling adventures across the border into America was a stupid idea. Actually, the ultimate Mexican border like that sounds a good bit more interesting than this film, which isn't to say that there isn't something rather intriguing about how this being some kind of a fantasy for Jolie. Star-crossed lovers try to save each other and victims of warfare in a dangerous, foreign land... starring Clive Owen as Brad Pitt, right? I guess Owen doesn't have that kind of star power, because, yeah, this film didn't make much money, and while I am that one guy who thinks that it is decent, I can kind of see places where this film turned people off. Trite in as many ways as it can be, this film is rich with clichd dialogue that often falls incredibly flat, much like thin spots in the characterization that ends up supplementing melodramatics, namely those from a romantic angle that does not really gel with the rest of this drama. The focus of the film jars between humanitarianism and hopelessly histrionic romance, and that's awkward enough with it corrupting thematic consistency in storytelling that at least maintains consistency in manipulation. Caspian Tredwell-Owen's script utilizes contrived set and dialogue pieces to supplement a portrait on suffering, while Martin Campbell's direction delivers on overblown plays on score work and atmosphere to beget sentimentality which cheesily dilutes genuineness. The film is nothing if not manipulative, but less in a frustrating way, and more in an ambitious way which reflects this film's good intentions, betrayed by overblown storytelling that tries so desperately to salvage juice from its subject matter than the limitations of the subject matter itself go stressed. This is a story concept whose value can be emphasized as easily as it shortcomings can be, because through all of the themes on warfare and social turmoil is a somewhat simple study on people going from conflicting country to conflicting country to simply help the suffering, and outside of the romantic angles, there's not much meat on the bones of this narrative beyond that, and if there is, then the film takes itself to get to it. The film is too long, and it doesn't have the scope to justify its length that it could have had, superficialized by clichs, inconsistencies and contrivances that wear the final product down as very underwhelming, at best. Still, I don't find the final product to be quite as great of a misfire as many say it is, for as misguided as it is, it does have a gifted team whose talent can be muted for only so long. For all of its flat spots, Philip Meheux's cinematography has more than a few ruggedly handsome areas in its complimenting the bleak grit of corrupted environments that are built with remarkable convincingness and, of course, captivating sweep. This film has the potential and, in a few ways, the aspirations to be an epic, for although the plot is a touch thin in its happenings, its scale is commendable, and that does play a solid factor in the importance of this film's story concept. Although the film is a whole lot of nothing but helping, when it doesn't jar into a whole bunch of romantic melodrama and other such nonsense, humanitarian themes are worwhile, and they often do go into establishing a sound sense of conflict and consequence into a histrionic and superficial, but still promising story concept. Caspian Tredwell-Owen's script is consistently flimsy in how it handles promising subject matter, but Martin Campbell, as director, has his moments, delivering on subtle stylization and a solid sense of scope in order to immerse you into the distinct environments of this pseudo-epic, until finding realization in his celebration of James Horner's overblown, but solid score, which is either thoroughly sentimental, or genuine enough to resonate, particularly with a surprisingly engrossing final act. If Campbell does nothing else, he manages to keep up solid entertainment value through smooth pacing and an endearing atmosphere, and that should be enough to challenge mediocrity in between the dramatic highlights that are largely guided, not by Campbell, but by a talented cast. When used, Noah Emmerich plays Noah Emmerich, and is therefore very charming and relatable, but this is mostly Clive Owens' and Angelina Jolie's show, and although the two leads aren't able to keep up all that much chemistry with the thin dramatic writing, both deliver on genuine, sometimes powerful emotional range that is more than what this film deserves. There are times - especially when the plot thickens - in which Jolie and Owen carry the film, being capable enough leads to further emphasize the potential that is being portrayed by all of the misguided storytelling, which has enough highlights to secure the final product's decency, no matter how firmly challenged. Bottom line, clichs are almost as recurrent as superficialities, in thin characterization, trite melodramatics and contrivances which join an excessive length and inconsistencies in emphasizing what natural shortcomings there is to worthy story that is done much injustice, yet is done enough justice by handsome cinematography, sweeping visuals, lively and sometimes resonant direction, and strong performances by Clive Owen and Angelina Jolie for Martin Campbell's "Beyond Borders" to stand as a decent, if flimsy romantic drama and tribute to humanitarianism. 2.5/5 - Fair

Fatima J (jp) wrote: beautiful..tasteful...amazing leads in a very sad story...i enjoyed every minute of it...

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: Amazing animation written extremely well this movie will have you thinking the whole time it really opens you about to different things and get your trying to figure out what it actually all means

Cassandre L (us) wrote: I've seen it...but I don't remember it...ooops

Julian A (de) wrote: A marvellous treat - a great suprise. A complete ball

05181998 (br) wrote: I love this movie! I found it on eBay and now watch it with my kids and they love it too.

Mr Andrew Sly k (it) wrote: There's magic in the Air!

Josh W (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first.

Joey S (kr) wrote: Actually really disappointed . Should be a 2.5 but jimi is my boy three stars

King W (kr) wrote: Great great great great. Whole movie is intense!

Sam B (nl) wrote: The horror of a dramatic movie being turned into a transgression film when a cardiac cripple mounts his elderly wife and fails. No wonder she looks so disappointed.

Mark S (es) wrote: An amazing story well told from what seems to be an accurate perspective(hollywood style).

Steve W (kr) wrote: It was overhyped. Its nice to see all those big names in one movie, but the movie's beginning and ending kind of overshadow the filler in the middle.