Elephant Sighs

Elephant Sighs

A lonely man finds friendship in the last place he expected in this gentle comedy from writer/director Ed Simpson. A serious man with no friends to speak of, Joel Bixby (John Cariani) moves to a small town and strikes up a friendship with vociferous senior Leo Applegate (Edward Asner). When Leo invites Joel to join a small group of men who regularly gather in a small room to exchange stories, Joel sees it as a good opportunity to come out of his shell. But the more time that Joel spends with the group, the clearer it becomes that he was chosen to fill the space left by a dearly departed member who is deeply missed by his old friends.... Over the course of their regular meetings something incredible happens to reclusive Joel he finally realizes that even lifes biggest problems dont seem quite so bad when youve got friends to fall back on in your time of need (IMDb.com)

"After moving to a small, rural town, uptight Joel Bixby (Tony Award-nominee John Cariani, Showtime, Kissing Jessica Stein), is invited by an agreeable new acquaintance to join a group of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (de) wrote: A truly superb documentary !

Angela R (au) wrote: Pretty enjoyable movie and the main character is so lovable. I almost want to give it an extra star for the excellent title (which is 100% why I watched it).

Glen S (us) wrote: I still don't like to read a movie, but this one is worth it. Not a unique story, but a familiar story with a gay "twist". FUN. And some thoughtful stuff too.

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

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