Eleventh Mom

Eleventh Mom

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boy,   11 year old,  

A woman suddenly appears at Jae-sus house. Nothing in her hands, nowhere to go, the womans empty eyes meet with round eyes of the eleven year-old boy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (mx) wrote: This movie is rife with problems. #1 is believability. Having guys in their mid to late 30s play teenagers is way too far of a stretch. I couldn't stop thinking about that during the entire film. Which leads to #2 which is a predictable and mostly boring story that couldn't distract me from #1. Everything's been seen before in better movies like Back to the Future, Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, and so many others. There's some good cinematography here, but that's about it.

Kashan P (de) wrote: A cynical critic will say that Crazy Heart exploits the fact that in this day & age, Jeff Bridges and music is what will bring people to a movie even if those are the only two things worth offering. A positive critic will say the same thing and then include "And they know how to handle them".

Freddy D (it) wrote: Aunque no prometia mucho, la propuesta era interesante, desafortunadamente entrega menos de lo que promete con una direccion y narrativa digna de una telenovela, con todos los elementos de ciencia ficcion tomados de historias ya hechas y por mucho superiores, esta pelicula podria ser una de las peores peliculas hechas en mexico en la ultima decada.

Omar S (es) wrote: Tussar Kapoor was the only reason I liked the film. "Eh-Oh?" The ending was really stupid! OMG it was a lame ending

Private U (ag) wrote: Petit film mexicain, anticomedie romantique par excellence. Quelques moments doux-amers reussis mais pas de quoi sauter au plafond. Au rayon mexicain, autant voir en ce moment Lumiere silencieuse.

WS W (it) wrote: Another WWII related film from Europe. The weak & thin plot however discounts this already corny melodrama quite a bit. The atypical use of color for flashback memory but B&W for present moment is rare though.

Phil M (ag) wrote: A few people I know have labelled this film 'depressing'. A few of the others (those with a human heart and not a metal one) have called it a masterpiece. And I second that. As a massive fan of Mike Leigh's work I was going to either like this film or love it, and 'Career Girls' turned out to be one of the films that I never tire of watching over and over. The late, great Katrin Cartlidge puts in a truly inspiring performance that lets you briefly witness the insecure character of the usually abrasive woman she's playing.Anyone who's been to college or university will love the nostalgic elements to this, and some, like me, will love the soundtrack (The Cure are featured prominently). Career Girls isn't just a college kids movie though. It's a heartfelt and extremely well-observed look at the joy and pain of relationships and life itself. A triumph.

Dustin D (au) wrote: Excellent movie about this discovery of the AIDS virus and all the politics surrounding it. You can see the entire film for free on YouTube.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: Hi-tech (for 1992) caper turning on the ridiculous premise that the NSA might attempt to obtain technology that would allow them to spy on American citizens... It's a star studded cast - but none of them are doing their finest work here - Ben Kingsley intermittent American accent is a particular low point. The whole thing is competent but by-the-numbers. There are a few amusing moments, but not enough. Perhaps the computer hacking premise was a little more novel in 1992, but it feels like we've seen this all before.

Logan M (es) wrote: So mesmerizing, captivating, and moving that it's almost magical, "Cinema Paradiso" will make you cry with how good it is.

Virgilio L (br) wrote: On of the most heartbreaking stories put to film, and a powerful anti-war movies ever made

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A refreshing biopic about a short-lived star who met with a tragic death (tragic and also ironic considering his fear of flying and how his fate was decided by the flip of a coin), and it is so engaging that it breaks our hearts even if we know from the get-go how everything ends.

Tristan D (ag) wrote: The opening where Lou watches a silent movie and then gets Bud into trouble is very memorable and the film is fun but it is mostly kiddie matinee material. The ending where they actually encounter the Keystone Kops is still very entertaining thoug and the movie making plot is an interesting one. The Keystone cameos are also pretty cool.

Erin R (fr) wrote: loved it!!! super cute movie and a great cast. Awesome story about how life isn't always what we hope!

Cedric L (it) wrote: Very good and entertaining.