Eli Regrets

Eli Regrets... It's an often funny, somewhat heart wrenching look at the life of a boy just leaving high school and heading into a life with no real options: His mom's an alcoholic, his ...

. . It's an often funny, somewhat heart wrenching look at the life of a boy just leaving high school and heading into a life with no real options: His mom's an alcoholic, his . . . Eli Regrets

Eli Regrets is a movies torrent of Marcus Hardy, Calvin Maltin. This movie was introduced in 2012. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Samuel Hoeksema, Graham Miles, Matt MacDonald, Kyle Foubert, Maria Sarro, Dianne Butler. There are many categories, such as Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 10 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Ali S (us)

iane Keaton, what were you thinking?. I mean, they have to realize that the a film like this is going to suck. What was the point? Sometimes I wonder how actors don't just run away and hide mid-production with embarassment. It wasn't dramatic. It wasn't charming. It wasn't funny. It did absolutely nothing for me. This film was horrible

Bill M (it)

Less than the sum of its parts

Carlos I (fr)

. . It tries to be a lot more epic and sweeping than it is, not that Nolte doesn't give it his all. Decent

Chris B (gb)

very detail is methodically thought out and planned for, or is it? The film is a fun and entertaining watch and while all the remakes of it are quite dreadful, the original here is a blast to watch!. He has been formulating a plan on robbing a bank and each man who joins him will receive 100,000 pounds for their services. The film is about a former Colonel named Hyde (Jack Hawkins) who recruits seven other former army officers whom are all the best in their respected fields of operations. What a great and fun and also very stylish heist film that is filled with great performances, adventure and dashes of comedy

Dustin D (fr)

The former mass-murderers are so simpleminded and lack any self-awareness of how awful their crimes were. The "film" they produce is somehow both disturbing and charming. Watching former executioners reenact the crimes they are still proud of themselves for committing is warped and painful

Gretchen S (gb)

ood thing I do!!. Entertaining if you like making fun of poorly thought out horror movies

Jack G (de)

A shame, since at certain points it had me completely. the two go hand in hand, and Modine is terrific, but at the very end it just kind of lost me. A sorrowful, deeply felt tale of a man lost in himself, trapped inside of a more sleazy tale of decadence

James H (de)

Relentlessly silly, dreadful special effects and the ultra cheap production is way too clearly evident. Why it took three directors escapes me. This Japanese sci-fi film is laughably bad

Kenneth B (ca)

This one is just a bit to syrupy for its own good

Kilo D (de)

This documentary shatters the illusion that those paid to protect citizens from murderers are no worse than the criminals they apprehend. Bulger" does its best to wrap this long saga up but, as in real life, there's still too many questions unanswered and too many government officials not behind bars. James J. "Whitey: USA v