Elina: As If I Wasn't There

Elina: As If I Wasn't There

In rural Sweden of the early 1950s, little Elina goes to school again after recovering from tuberculosis, the same illness that has killed her father a few years earlier. Elina's family ...

In rural Sweden of the early 1950s, little Elina goes to school again after recovering from tuberculosis, the same illness that has killed her father a few years earlier. Elina's family ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt L (ag) wrote: Not a great movie, but honestly I laughed my ass off.

Nicholas M (es) wrote: (a.k.a Antique Bakery) ~ boys served with cakes, or vice versa. this is purely refreshing adaptation from jap manga/anime (this is not yaoi!) with the same title. this korean live-action version rocks! those who have watched the anime would love it, and for those who haven't ~ well, it's not too late to start! joo ji-hoon has grown up and shown some attitude from last we saw at Goong / Princess Hours. girls, be careful of getting a gastronomical orgasm from watching these boys... orr cakes!

David S (au) wrote: 2 palabras: hallmark Channel :/

Ted W (es) wrote: Incredible ghost story and I can't believe it's taken me this long to see it. This came out the same year as the Shining, however one movie seems to have influenced the other. Scott is awesome as a man driven to find out the secret of the haunting and the great Melvyn Douglas delivers another of those great performances that filled his later years.

Nadine L (gb) wrote: Some may have liked this but I was not one of those people. Hated it. Every time I heard the hippie dippie music I went crazy with anger. I didn't even know you could do that wrong. Horrible, boring, very bad script, how did this get made?

Mickey N (jp) wrote: This is absolutely the worst film ever made, bar none. I mean, this makes "Manos: Hands of Fate" look good. Seriously... this is the worst... you gotta see it just so you can say you've seen the worst.

TTT C (ru) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Skippy D (kr) wrote: SO GREAT! Different. Back in the 80's when people were playing the records backwards (backmasking) to find hidden messages....this is what you were afraid to hear. Forget that Ozzy and Gene are in it, because they barely are. Gene Simmons & Ozzy were both offered the roll of Sammy Kerr. Great original music by a band called Faastway

Andrew B (de) wrote: I got this movie in a Blue Underground Triple feature along with Shock and A Blade in the Dark. While I found the story interesting, I predicted the climax far to early on in the film and felt that the storyline with her sociopath daughter really was pointless to the plot. I actually did like the blind guy but I felt that panning over a women obviously way older than him and not very nice left me sore. I think the film showed a what a promising film maker could do.

Ian R (de) wrote: Pacing can be off and some stories don't work as well as others, but it's Italian, made by some masters, and pretty interesting in parts.

jen c (es) wrote: this one has all the best elements of a Shirley Temple movie, ggod clean fun!!

Jens S (fr) wrote: Meryl Streep stands out in a fantastic cast portraying a pretty dysfunctional family. Between moments of great tension and vileness between the members there are also very touching scenes. The plot has little function than to push those characters into the same room, from there on out it's a pleasure, albeit sometimes painful, to see them rub against each other. The well written interactions remain pretty memorable even days later.

Luke Z (us) wrote: WHAT A WAY TO EMD THE TRILOGY! Tom Hardy did a great job as bane he killed it. This film I was nervous cause the trilogy was great itself and coming off The Dark Knight featuring Heath Ledgar's Joker this was going to be difficult but Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job of doing so making him my all time favorite director! Tje action was spot on along side the apperence of the sexy Catwomen. The ending was crazy and had a really good cliff hanger.... I hope they make one more please!

Cesar A (au) wrote: Great Job with the Go-PRO Camera

SWAGGER N (nl) wrote: I wish I could give this shitty movie a zero star when I asked my friend what movie are we watching he said this movie I already new it was going to be bad but not this bad I'm 12 and I can't believe my friend chose this movie it was a waste of money the movie is the most childish movie ever!