Elixirul tineretii

Elixirul tineretii


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Don L (fr) wrote: Full Metal Alchemist is amazing just so you all know:P

Heather F (nl) wrote: i think . LT. TYSON took the bum wrap. his men knocked him out therefor he could and should not have been healt responcible for thier actions Don you done a wonderful job of portraying LT.TYSON!! ~Heather Frisby

Mark S (br) wrote: Cezara and I watched this last week, its wonderful. So much so that we are going to see it again on Film4+1 @ noon today.

Drew G (it) wrote: the first two-thirds are great but the ending is disappointing...

Amber M (gb) wrote: good movie... Funny.

Christopher L (it) wrote: One of the least impressive films from the Farrelly Brothers. Sporadically funny with an ending that trumps everything we've been manipulated to feel for the Stiller character. Lame.

Sarah P (es) wrote: Okay film, simon bakers good in it but its kinda depressing

Hasso v (de) wrote: This movie has a great soundtrack by Bill Conti (From TV's "Dynasty")

Suy E (fr) wrote: Understated humour and understated drama at its best.

Wes S (jp) wrote: It's more Rocky boxing and drama, but it's different enough to keep you entertained and inspired. It is a little dated, but fun for an 80's fan. The characters are still as likable and interesting as ever, and the final brawl is still exciting.