A dialog between women artists from different cultures settled in Barcelona for a decade.

A dialog between women artists from different cultures settled in Barcelona for a decade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa Ann N (mx) wrote: I always thought JB was cute.

Anuj S (jp) wrote: A good comic movie and a good value for money

Ellen M (jp) wrote: I absolutely love Christopher Eccleston, and I think he is an amazing actor in this, the story is very original, seeing as it was written hundreds of years ago! Such a heart wrenching tale of revenge and loss 5/5 xxx

Julie H (it) wrote: Wasn't bad! Got to remember in 1934 this was probably an excellent film!

Robert B (es) wrote: 5 Bambole per la Luna d'Agosto (Five Dolls for an August Moon) (Mario Bava, 1970)Every few years, I sit down with another Mario Bava movie to see if I can finally get a glimpse of what so many of my friends see in this guy's movies. Every time, I fail. I've seen a few Bava films I'd call watchable, none I'd call great, and a bunch about which the kindest thing I can say is that they're awful. Five Dolls for an August Moon falls into the last category. The basic idea (I'm not sure I would go so far as to call it a "plot"): George Stark (The Blonde Connection's Teodoro Corr), a wealthy industrialist, invites some friends and their lovely wives (I could run down a list of names here, but the only one you really need to know is Algerian ultra-hottie Edwige Fenech) out to his private island for a weekend of fun, games, drinking, dancing, that sort of thing. All well and good until they discover there is a serial killer in their midst. Cue amateur detection, people losing their clothes on a fairly regular basis, and a couple of folks who deal with the stress of their imminent demise by...playing chess. (Why that struck me as the most ridiculous thing about this movie is beyond me, but it did.)When I ask people what it is about Mario Bava's movies that excites them so, the general answer I get has something to do with his style of filmmaking. I've never heard anyone actually define it, however, and I'm sure if I were to attempt such a thing I'd be branded a heretic and burned at the stake by a legion of Barbara Steele aficionados, so I'll avoid it. I can tell you that it doesn't have the sort of stylistic excess that Argento, Fulci, and their giallo contemporaries had already started dabbling in (1970 was the year Argento released The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, probably his first true venture into giallo; Fulci, the same year, was in the process of filming the movie that would make him, too, a giallo superstar, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, released in 1971); if anything, it plays like a straightforward murder mystery with a few half-hearted attempts at humor thrown in for (good? not really) measure. Usually when I see Bava films, they're dubbed, and I am usually willing to throw in some benefit of the doubt that less-than-stellar dubbing could be part of my problem with the movie in question, but this one was subtitled, so I can't even pull out that excuse.This would seem to be a minor film in the Bava canon (it has just over a thousand IMDB votes as I write this in November 2013, while, for example, Black Sunday has about 7,000), and after watching it I can understand why. I'd recommend this one only for hardcore fans of the director or, of course, Edwige Fenech, who as usual gets appealingly bare on occasion. Others can safely avoid, and in fact will be better off for doing so. *

Brian W (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie, and much different than I would expect from Hollywood at the time and a Tyrone Power movie.

Duncan M (gb) wrote: greatest race movie ever made despite coming out in 1966

Thomas P (es) wrote: A Good Jack Black vehicle, and decently done, almost up there with School of Rock. Pretty well thought out for the most part - except that it leans on constant fat jokes as a theme, but does offer other hilarious and surprisingly poignant moments and is warmly heartfelt at times.It ends on a few wrong notes which may explain the sour rating, but don't miss the 85 percent that is wildly fascinating, gut bustingly hilarious, and actually tries to muddle out a message about seeing others beyond their facades. So many creative winks and nudges about being your authentic self and not being limited by your outer appearance.Tony Robbins the motivational guru makes a high point cameo as himself casting out the assumed 'demon of shallowness' from Hal - a truly inspired hoot to see.Lots of fun to be had here, so don't be dissuaded by the middling reviews and the dumb stuff at the end.Honestly, many compare this to Something About Mary, but I do not agree - I didn't like that movie barrage of sex and genital jokes, and in contrast, I really enjoyed the almost revelatory reveals of authenticity here as we follow Hal and his gf thru this one.A worthy effort.3 flimsy broken chairs out of 5

Rachel M (de) wrote: it's a teen girl movie

john m (nl) wrote: Armed men attack the village, the call for help, the gathering of the seven, traveling to the village, defying the villain, the first attack beaten off, a pause where we get to know the characters and their motivations better, the final attack. Doesn't this sounds familiar, from prequel? No imagination at all! Although the story is very similar (almost the same) to the original the pacing is awful in comparison. In some ways, it almost seems unfair to compare a sequel to the original, that we should judge it on it's own merits. However, usually the only reason we are watching a sequel is because of the original, so my review consists primarily in comparison. The characters are less well defined. Here most of them are nameless and you would struggle to name more than three. Even the bad guy is poor. It's impossible to replace actors like Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, and Charles Bronson with a slew of unknowns. In other words, except for Brynner, these guys have no charisma! It just doesn't have the spark and chemistry. All the actors seem tired and look as if they are just going through the motions to get their paychecks. Even the shooting scenes are weaker and dull. "The Return" is nothing more than a disappointing excuse to cash on the original's success. Im giving 30 instead of 0% just because of old fame of Magnificent Seven.