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Ellas y ellos


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Derek D (it) wrote: absolutely breathtaking,totally beguiling and changed my views completely on something I once considered a source of primary Fear.

Sam R (kr) wrote: This is one of the dullest and most unpleasant horror films I've ever seen. Badly acted, badly written, badly directed, mean-spirited... and all the morality and dark satire of the Stephen King book is gone.

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Better than average woody Allen movie. Like Mira Sorvino in this one. Didn't like the Greek chanters. Made no sense at all and no point them being there.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 68% "I want my gold shilling, tell me where it is or there be another killing."-Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) The shrimp is back...in Vagas. Only the magic secne stands out. I don't find creatures under four feet to be 'scary', just annoying, like a dog trying to hump your leg.

Jesus C (fr) wrote: Movie, you had one job to do, and it was being a good movie, and you blew it.The acting is pretty ok, Kurt Russel and James Spader did pretty well on their respective roles, specially Russel, but the rest of the characters are very superficial, even the villager that Spader's falls in love with is not given a proper treatment.The special effects are ok, but the fights are just so... lackluster, it gives you very few thrills because most of them are curbstomps, even Russel's fight with Horus is not safe from it. But the Stargate's sound and effects, are very memorable.The plot was interesting at the start, but when Ra showed up... everything went downhill. His interpretation is very lackluster too, and he doesn't look intimidating; they should have hired a body builder or someone that will look intimidating.Overall, despite heaving a pretty interesting setting, it did most things wrong. Should have been adapted into a TV Show instead of a movie.

jessica w (jp) wrote: r.i.p christopher reeve,

kyo 9 (br) wrote: wow.. incredibly made.. the boy's act is truly briliant.. the story line is also very good..

Brett H (de) wrote: Another take on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers that is very well-made with updated technology, but the freshness is long-gone and you're just watching the same movie again. The cast all seem very bored with their dialogue and Nicole Kidman struggles to keep a consistent American accent, which is kind of amusing. They do throw in a neat spin on the dread of being taken, where the characters who are infected have to stay awake or they will turn, similar to A Nightmare On Elm Street. There's also a great thought-provoking ending that works well with the political allegory the film presents, but it'll probably go over most people's heads. Not a bad version of the story, but the original is still the best and most frightening.

Richard G (us) wrote: The first film was in colour but this sequell was shot in Glorious Black+White and is a bit more serious in tone,its not as good nor not as fun as its predecessor but its entertaining enough the grab the viewer.

Marcus M (jp) wrote: Fresh approach to the ghost genre. If you're looking for scare factor, then the image shown here is possibly the scariest thing you'll see, however, if you're wanting a well scripted story that entices you in and holds you through 'til the credits, then this is a good choice. 4 out of 5 stars ffor me.

David S (it) wrote: Retribution I don't think is as bad as Afterlife, but it still is pretty lame. I like the premise of the story of Alice being stuck in their training facility, but I wish they would have stuck to that instead of having all this other crap. They try to bring some humanity back having Alice look after her fake daughter that came out of a simulation, and the ending is just dumb and from what I hear about Final Chapter, the previous 4 films are pretty much forgotten and they just do stuff in Final Chapter and its edited horribly. After this and reading up on Final Chapter, I won't be seeing it this weekend. I'll stick with the first 3 films I find to be guilty pleasures. Hopefully they reboot the franchise and actually make it scary like the games