Ellis in Glamourland

Ellis in Glamourland

Ten years after her failed marriage, recently fired mother Ellis 'El' Vermeulen and preteen son Thijs get peanuts while her ex spends everything on new flame Mirella. She finally takes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ellis in Glamourland torrent reviews

Tyler K (mx) wrote: I loved this movie, but it made me cry too much??????

Sabrena N (ag) wrote: I would love to see this movie. I heard it was very good movie

Marleyne M (nl) wrote: Very moving comedy about the emotional ups and downs of women in their fifties...their deceptions, their wounds and their enduring friendships

Vadim D (gb) wrote: This film has only gotten worse with age. It's unoriginal and unimaginative. A good cast wasted on poor writing.

Tina A (kr) wrote: Sally Field is amazing in this movie as she always is!!

Sujit O (mx) wrote: In this superb performance of Jack Nicholson, he shows the depths of the character he can reach to give a fulfilling performance. A very slow paced and beautiful movie which really hits you by the end during his monologue.

Michael R (ru) wrote: My word, 50 shades is a total rip off of a better movie.

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Spencer P (au) wrote: This is a deftly comical piece of cinema that appeals to haters and lovers of silent movies and is charming enough to make virtually anyone a "tramp" fan.

Wolf K (au) wrote: it's not like others I like it