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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1986
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Ellos torrent reviews

F B (de) wrote: A difficult film for me to watch with my brain the way it is. A bit complex but I think I got the gist of what was going on and the meaning behind the film.

Erhan C (de) wrote: That is the best Turkish Film,i recommend it maaan,watch it and laugh CEM YILMAZ IS DA BEST,CM YLMZ

Chris S (au) wrote: A cute little cartoon. Differs that of both the original Disney classic and novel. The animation was a bit choppy. But the Emporer of the night was pretty cool. Compared to HAPPILY EVER AFTER it had a bit more...exessive animation quality.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: There's 3 mil in gold in the offing, travelling only a coupla miles in post-American Civil War Mexico, where many ex-soldiers now ply their trade as gun-for-hires. So it is that the Coop, former Southern man of means runs into typical carpetbaggin' Northern rogue Lancaster and uneasily team together in a play for the moolah. Do they trust each other? Okay, so what if you know that there's a gunfight waiting at the end of the piece right from the start, Aldrich throws in so many twists and turns that its well worth the ride.

Dean H (fr) wrote: Simplistic, endearing & poetic.

David J (jp) wrote: fun and suspenseful WWII thriller, Rex Harrison! Carol Reed! Not great, but good.

Nate T (ag) wrote: If it were done with anyone else but the Barrymores, I doubt that it would have been watchable. Extremely dated film has the charm of the actors (once again: the Barrymores) to carry it.