Eloise at the Plaza

Eloise at the Plaza

This is a comedy about a six-year-old girl who lives at a 5 star plaza and causes havoc.

Eloise is an imaginative little girl living in New York City with her nanny, going on various adventures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter H (it) wrote: So I just finished the film Nazis at the Center of the Earth and I must say, that was some prime comedy. Like, where do I fucking begin with this thing. I guess the best way I could describe Nazis at the Center of the Earth as being if James Cameron?s fetish with overdone graphics fucked a Tommy Wiseau styled story line whilst simultaneously fucking the plot from that other center of the earth shit.. so yeah. But let?s talk details because I know you all want that.Right off the bat I realize this is going to be stupid because there are like barely any fucking credits at the beginning and I shit you not, within the first two minutes of the film there is already a Wilhelm Scream. So right of the bat I?m thinking ?oh fuck?. Alright, so it starts out sometime in the 40s at some random Nazi base that is being assaulted by literally one Allied infrantryman who the trained fucking Germany army couldn?t hit but suddenly, out of the fuckin? blue, Josef Mengele shows up and just, without even looking down the sights, shoots the guy. So already a Doctor is better than your army..Starting around 4 minutes we begin to see the sexual repression between the characters and I already don?t like where this is going. Then out of the fuckin? blue two Nazi?s in gasmasks (why the hell do you need a gasmask in Antarctica?) show up and kidnap two scientists. Bam. So by this point, like 10 minutes in, I know none of the characters names (I?ll inform you along the way..). So this random doctor who apparently is important and named Lucas comes up and yells at this other blonde seemingly important doctor in what seems like the acting style of a really really cheap porno. Like, I?m just waiting for one to whip his cock out. So yadada the blonde dude (I have no idea his name) is informed that two scientists are missing and so the whole team (which consists of the creepy blonde dude, Lucas, this chick named Paige, this dude named Raul, this other blonde chick, and maybe someone else) heads in search of the missing scientists.So now we cut down to where the scientists are being held and you get a good look at the gasmasked Nazis fig. 1 and then they just drag this dude that they kidnapped away. So he?s taken somewhere and we see this eerie figure and HOLY FUCK MENGELE IS STILL ALIVE!!??!! and he has this dude strapped down like in some weird S&M fetish flick fig. 2. And then, it gets even cooler kids, Mengele makes some small incisions on the dudes forhead and FUCKING RIPS IT OFF and you see his exposed fucking blood skin shit. Fig. 3 #nofacenovember? So by this point I?m like, what the fuck is going on? So there we go, the guy has no face. Fig. 1Fig. 2Fig. 3BAM: Back to the scientists. They?re just walking around Antarctica and happen to find this huge hole in the ground I?m sure the thought that went through their minds, if there was one, was ?you know what?s a good idea? climbing down into this dark scary hole..? So yada yada they walk around and now we?re back to the Nazi base.So the chick that was kidnapped originally is given food and when the Nazi turns around she takes the fork and uses it to unlock a security door? Wut. I mean, if they have the tech to survive under the fucking Antarctic they should have secure doors but hey, logic alludes these guys. So she walks around looking for the other kidnapped guy who?s name is supposedly Mark? And she finds him, all no facey and shit and she freaks and then runs away it?s just eerie because there?s blood everywhere and people with no faces and shit.Back up top! At this point all searching scientists come to an even bigger and scarier hole and the dumbest line in the movie is said; the blonde chick is like ?I?ll go down there!? and the blonde dude is like ?NO, it?s too dangerous, are you sure? and I shit you not, the chick says ?I?m Norwegian? and the guy just laughs and she goes down the hole????.what the fuck does that even mean? if anyone knows what the fuck that line means please tell me! SO they make it down and see a hollow fuckin? Earth and they?re like ?lolwut?? but they keep exploring. Then they enter a hanger that is clearly not natural, the door closes and all the Nazis appear with Mengele in the lead. And here is where you see the cheap budget at work, the stitching of the swastikas on their arms. Fig. 4 and then out of the blue, or should I say ?blonde?, the blonde dude is like ?Heil Hitler? and the audience is left in shock and awe. And it?s only here that we learn how they stayed alive?fuckin organ harvesting and shit and they need the scientists help for some reason even though they?ve been doing fine since the 40s?? So yeah, they help for a little and nothing too major happens.Fig 4. Skipping shit.More shit.Nazi rape fisting fig. 5Fig. 5 And here we get the all to obvious Nazi death machine equipped with skulls and all! It?s awesome. Fig. 6 So what does this machine do?????.nothing. But then the blonde chick is like ?yo, im preggerz? and the blonde dude is like ?sorry, and punches her?. Now you get this weird abortion scene where he takes the embryonic stem cells and thinks ?yo, these might make my creepy death machine work?.? and so he puts them in and lo and behold, guess what. The death machine turns into ROBO-FUCKING-HITLER fig 7.Fig. 6Fig. 7 At this point, the next 30 minutes were like getting a colonoscopy without anesthesia so I?ll gloss over this part to keep my ass from bleeding again. Indian dude gets killed by ROBOHITLER, Nazi UFO appears, other blonde chick (Paige) kills Mengele and frees Lucas and they start running around the ship that they somehow got on? It gets worse.The UFO pops out of the ice and this bomber that?s flying over Australia is like ?WTF IS THAT?? except they say ?shit a brick? fig. 8. and their command is like ?is it hostile yo?? and they?re like, ?it?s got NAzi SWASTIkas over it so yeah!? and they try to bomb it and nope, they die.Fig. 8Okay, so now things get fun as we get closer to the end..ROBOHITLER discovers the scientists escaped and he goes after them while they run through the ship killing Nazis and picking up their guns. Oh, and did I mention, the guns are literally painted Nerf guns fig. 9. So yeah, they?re running, ROBOHITLER is chasing and then BAM! you hear an explosion and see that blonde aborted lady blew up a fucking grenade in the control room and the entire fucking UFO falls down. Sucks 2 suck.Fig. 9 So now we are left with Lucas and Paige vs. ROBOHITLER and this is the ultimate battle of all time with insults being yelled such as ?come on you bobbleheaded nazi son of a bitch!? and ?fuck you? fig. 10. and they get into this big fight that?s not very climactic and they inject ROBOHITLER with flesh eating bacteria somehow? and he dies and just falls into the ice. there. done.Fig. 10And for icing on the fucking cake of shit, Lucas then and there pulls out an engagement ring that I can only guess has been shoved up his ass the whole time to avoid detection and proposes and Paige is like ?YEAH!? and there it ends. Yep.SO, if I had to sum it up I would say again say that this film was like James Cameron?s fetish with overdone CGI fucking shitty story writing while also fucking a cheap budget and that other center of the earth film. So on a scale from 1-10 (1 being Alien or some other good movie and 10 being Battlefield Earth), this clocks in at a solid fucking 8. Like, wow. That?s all I can say. /fin

Brittany O (br) wrote: I really liked this movie! It was very different compared to the average horror. Its main focus so basically to get you to think about who works i haunted houses and how far will people go to get a scare out someone. Overall, it is very interesting and a good watch. May work for some and may not work others.

Cylus O (ag) wrote: After watching this movie I still have no idea why the father and son were so estranged, and overall the film lacked emotion which it desperately needed.

Matthew H (ru) wrote: Daftness, my favourite Stiller film!

Tracey c (es) wrote: Nudity is a form of art.... Laura Henderson: When you lose a son in the war you do know, no matter what anyone might say, that his death has been in vain. It won't stop others from following, other wars, other young men. Laura Henderson: If we are to ask our youth to surrender their lives, then we should not ask them to surrender joy - or the possibility of joy! And, if along the way, we cause too many people to congregate in the street, who gives a fiddler's fuck?

Ajay D (ag) wrote: it's a fabulous piece of direction and acting. script is complete action packed comedy emotional.I've been watching this movie for last 5 years. it's nothing like this movie.

Mad M (kr) wrote: Meh. Gordon-Levitt is subpar, as usual. The story is pretty bland and dry until the end. It has a nice ending, but it's too little too late.

Wrik S (br) wrote: A wonderfully strong and socially likable movie.. Woman power displayed in its best form..

Chance D (us) wrote: At least the ending is decent. But really I'd rather not have seen the movie at all.

Mel S (de) wrote: No tiene un final feliz, pero es la historia de esta mujer, que a la vez simboliza muchas victimas de guerra, quien te deja con los ojos abiertos de principio a fin...

Jacqueline C (it) wrote: And I thought "The Robe" was dated. You know, I've always thought that Hollywood should revisit some of its old, under-appreciated Biblical epics. A little modern touch could make for a really great film. But, this one isn't worth it. It can stay in the vault.

jackie h (au) wrote: Just looking at the cover, it looks bad

Michael T (ru) wrote: One of the classics of the Film Noir genre. Orson Welles, with a convincing Irish accent, plays Michael O'Hara, a would-be novelist and sailor who fought against Franco in Spain and doesn't like cops because of some radical shipyard politics (HUAC would soon ensure heroes like this were left out of the narrative). He comes to the aid of Elsa Bannister (Rita Hayworth) when she is mugged in Central Park and is soon rewarded with a job on the ladies' husband's yacht. Welles's character is drawn into a vicious web as Hayworth's character's crippled husband, a venomous and talented criminal defense attorney played by Everett Sloane and his ineffectual partner played by Glenn Anders. They verbally spar with each other, play cruel manipulative games, and generally act like Grade-A jerks. Welles is certain that the games played on this trip from New York to San Francisco via the canal is no good for him and that Hayworth is intentionally or unintentionally leading him to his doom. Sure enough, murder enters the picture. Like most great Noir protagonists, he doesn't care but at least he tells us in his narration that he was acting like a fool. Welles and Hayworth were married at the time and Columbia did not like it when star/director/screenwriter Welles convinced Hayworth to cut her hair short and dye it blonde. The sequence set in a carnival Fun House hall of mirrors is a classic and inspired the setting for the climactic fight in the 1973 Martial Arts classic Enter the Dragon. The latest Mill Creek Blu-Ray is superb, Very crisp and clear but still in B&W as it was intended. Welles would be pleased that they have kept Ted Turner and his crayons away from this film...