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K Nife C (fr) wrote: Documentaries are rarely my cup of tea, considering that many are made about irrelevant or quirky subjects that only serve as an excuse for a filmmaker to dilute an already murky plethora of more deserving feature productions. "Zero Days" serves as an essential and elucidating exception to this trend, and as much as it uncovers, it is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the subject of cyber crime and espionage. Focusing primarily on the Stuxnet virus (codename: Olympic Games), a malicious code crafted by none other than our National Security Agency and unleashed on the Iranian nuclear energy program by our Israeli buddies Mossad, Alex Gibney takes us on a digi-stylized tour up the tight-lipped echelons of the CIA, NSA, and office of the POTUS. Many of the interviewees invoke the almighty "it's classified" response to a system that has next to zero oversight and is held to little accountability. A program designed to sabotage Iran's nuclear centrifuges that started during the Bush administration and was fostered under Obama's direction led to the rise of Iran's cyber army and an even greater threat to our national security than what the program was intended to deter. One of the scariest take-away lessons from this is that until we acknowledge the white elephant of cyber warfare, the globe is on the edge of another threat to international peace on the level of mutually assured nuclear annihilation. The documentary does drag in places, and there is some ambiguity as to the breadth of who can and can't do anything about the problem, but the ramifications of the Natanz event are made explicitly clear by the whistle-blowers and implicitly daunting in the silence of our own leaders. Don't you feel safe?

Jennie R (ru) wrote: This was a different take on a slasher. I gave it four stars bc it stood out for me as being different and actually kept my focus without me laughing out loud at the ridiculous acting or special effects. The kids in the woods are creepy and the movie gives you a good twist. Some of the cast could use some extra acting lessons even though it fit considering they were supposed to be porn actors. I think horror fans will appreciate this B-movie.

Eric B (ru) wrote: Enjoyed it untill the last 5 mins, what the hell kind of ending was that!!

Alex S (jp) wrote: The animation choice was a unique one, but perhaps one that shouldn't have been attempted. The scenery was too dark to tell who was who and what was even going on. The plot is incoherent and the director makes no attempt to have the audience get a clearer vision of what's going on.

Matt L (au) wrote: A stunning collection of Latin jazz performances. Viva la Calle!

Sanity Assassin (de) wrote: this aint too bad. i was expecting the worst as it was so many years later than the first two... and i haven't seen the 3rd one yet. infact it wasn't that bad. it didn't have alot of the heart that the 1st two did, but it still had the odd song and some wacky comedy moments. just cracks me up when tiger see's a dog in the park "a d.. d.. daaaaaa..." and just flops out. one thing that confused me is where'd tony come from? didn't he die in the 1st one? i guess if i'd have seen the 3rd one it would explain alot of things. oh well, hopefully will one day. still wonderful animation for kids and adults alike

Stevie S (es) wrote: not porn. DISAPPOINTED.

Tom H (es) wrote: Mediocre production about a group of people conspiring to break in to a safe which happens to belong to a friend of theirs. In a couple of weeks i have forgotten all about this film.

Josh G (mx) wrote: A movie about actors and actresses wanting to be taken seriously, with a strong feminist subtext for its time. Makes sense that this is the movie that put Lange on the map. She put pure empathic passion into her character of Julie that was almost palpable and quite memorable. Dustin Hoffman deals with his character with grace and slips into his character like a glove. Bill Murray like usual steals every scene. Its hard to miss something like that thats oozing charisma. Some moments can be a bit sappy in this film but it's all too heartfelt and real. When Dustin in Dorothy drag tells the director that her name is non "Tootsie" its Dorothy, it strikes a ringing feeling of empathy for what women have to go through in the work place. A very important piece of cinema.

Tomek S (us) wrote: another film accident, yet, regarding its social content, it could be amazingly analysed - an Afro-American revenge, the return of the repressed

Sean V (mx) wrote: English actors make this movie unintentionally hilarious, but it's one of the more bleak films Kim Di Kuk has made.

R F (ru) wrote: Boring wanted to fall asleep