Elvira's Movie Macbare: Count Dracula's Great Love

Elvira's Movie Macbare: Count Dracula's Great Love

Five stranded travelers are forced to take refuge in the legendary Castle Dracula. Unfortunately, the infamous Count Dracula (Paul Naschy) is alive and well and more than eager to take in ...

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Five stranded travelers are forced to take refuge in the legendary Castle Dracula. Unfortunately, the infamous Count Dracula (Paul Naschy) is alive and well and more than eager to take in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Elvira's Movie Macbare: Count Dracula's Great Love torrent reviews

Tristan M (br) wrote: Very close to a zombie movie, with the only real difference is that they don't eat you, if you are bit you don't turn, and they require a different method to be killed. Now I don't know anything about vampires and how they have to be killed, but through the heart with wooden stake does ring a bell. It has some good scares, is tense and thrilling throughout, and the vampires look quite good. The story is good, the pace and cinematography are good too, and the characters are well developed. The 'Brotherhood' are always in the back of your mind, and are mor deadly than even the vampires. It doesn't really make sense that this group of religious men would be so evil, but considering the time it's understandable. But some things like dropping vampires from the helicopters, and having the one brother who turned being capable of thinking and talking and remembering people was kinda a dumb addition, as I think having one of the two is better than having both, although I personally prefer the mindless type. I was waiting of the pregnant women to have her water break at the wrong time, but then she gets taken, and when they chase her I assume they will save her, but she dies! This defiantly has it's unexpected moments, and it all works out really well. The ending is good and leaves room for a sequel, and finishes it off well. Overall good movie, first real vampire movie I have seen, not like the most of them, but I prefer the zombie ones far more. Well done but has some flaws

Pia R (gb) wrote: <3 Stellan, like all these norwegian women seem to do too, ha <3

Matt G (ca) wrote: Shotgun Stories is all about the past, how we interpret our own histories, and how that relationship effects our present. The way Nichols portrays life in the south is so real it?s eerie: broadly dry humor, quiet confidence, even down to the way his characters discuss pop-culture. This Southern Gothic, slice-of-life debut is unpredictable without being obnoxious, and to-the-point without being heavy-handed.

Justin B (es) wrote: Most likely an insult to fans of wrestling and pointless and dull for everybody else.

Jessie V (de) wrote: when it comes down to it, this documentary is about two sides of a family that have very different views on the subject. both views are expressed and given even coverage...and while i think both sides were overly critical of the others' decisions, i can't throw too much criticism myself, not ever having to deal with such a situation. i will say that the parents and grandparents did seem to be serving their own wants over the children (which is a bit frustrating as a viewer), but that's pretty much the case in any situation where the kids aren't old enough to make their own decisions. interesting watch, but i would have liked to have seen a film with more subjects going through this situation rather than dealing with people within one family circle.

Ian J (it) wrote: Chainsaws, hookers, and a B-movie budget. Good for a few laughs.

Adam F (us) wrote: its a classic that is hard to find

Russell H (fr) wrote: This was pretty bad. I lost me half way through. Not a terrible ending with the statue.

Joel A (ca) wrote: A extremely visual minimal on plot Australian classic that boasts some of the most stunning cinematography of the Australian Outback.More or less the story of two school kids who are stranded in the Northern Territory Outback & eventually they bump into a 16 year old aboriginal boy on his Walkabout.Considered by many as slow I see this film much more as an art house film than mainstream piece, it's beautiful poetic & haunting all in one. It's a beautiful made film that I thought is much better than the reputation it has.

Jamie I (kr) wrote: I'm not gonna be cliche. I'm not gonna say "IF YOU SEE ONE MOVIE THIS YEAR, MAKE IT CHILDREN OF MEN!" Except it's true. Many movies today lack real merit. They are mindless tripe made to kill two hours of our precious time. Children of Men paints a shockingly realistic vision of the future. From the ashen gray and brown skies to the littered waters no part of the world it seems is unsullied. Anyone who is not born in London and attempts to get in is relegated to cages or even worse refugee camps. The movie begins in 2027 with the death of Baby Diego who was at eighteen years of age the youngest human on the planet. Women have become infertile and a world without children is a desolate place indeed. Through the assistance of his former love, Julian, our protagonist Theo stumbles upon Kee, a miraculously pregnant refugee. Because of her pregnancy she is an asset to the world and Julian's goal is to get her to The Human Project where she will be safe.I haven't felt this affected by a movie in some time. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Grade - B'Gattaca' is a fine movie, with good performances, an interesting story, and a shocking ending. However, even with all of the movies thought provoking themes, something just wasn't working as it should. I found myself not as affected by the movies themes as I should have been, and odd character choices detracted from the movies overall quality.

Catherine H (fr) wrote: Was curious to see what the score would be for Man On Fire... like the audience score, I loved this movie, and reading the critics' reviews makes me wonder if part of Tony Scott taking the high dive was because the Ridley comparisons are a easy, cheap fallback for lazy critics. Denzel Washington is (as always) great as Creasy, a mercenary with a drinking problem who becomes a bodyguard for a child. The reviews ay things along the lines of, "well, the first half was fine, but the second half too violent"... Really ? Not to give away the story, but Creasy does what Creasy has been trained to do and do well. Extra props for Christopher Walken eccentric but concerned ex- merc, and Radha Mitchell as a pampered wife and mother who shows some spine when in crisis. Dakota Fanning is nine(?) , and she is great... very naturally and adorable but also not too cutesy and her scenes with Washington are really, believable (Denzel obviously has kids of his own). I cry at the end of it every time.

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Elvira's Movie Macbare: Count Dracula's Great Love torrent

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