Biographical movie about the famous rock singer Elvis Presley.

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Yash B (br) wrote: This movie has a small amount of chuckles but it's definitely more of a drama than a comedy. Vince Vaughn plays a similar fast talking character and his charisma is the greatest strength for this movie. The story is a bit sappy and it does go on for a longer runtime than what may have been necessary. It's a fun premise but it starts to get old at a point. Chris Pratt generates most of the laughs here but there really aren't many. It's definitely a drama for the most part and not really a good one.

(es) wrote: "Freelancers was a miss for me. I didn't like the movie and I was extremely disappointed to see Mr. De Niro associate himself with such a bad film. The main character, that being the rapper 50 cent, was dull and unimpressive. I didn't care what happened. I just wanted it over with. The movie is another dirty cop film that brings nothing new to the table and is forgetful. I won't be seeing this again."

Lori F (mx) wrote: Other than the crazy policeman husband .... What a sweet, romantic movie!! Sigh

Jack L (es) wrote: Well filmed documentary about how the Three Gorges Dam affects the life of one particular family.

Caque A (ru) wrote: Hermoso. Pero aburrido.

John A (it) wrote: Explains why I love MotoGP so much

Jessie M (jp) wrote: Call Robert Crumb what you want. Pervert, rascist, sexist, pyscho. But there's no denying that Crumb's art is something special. "Crumb" is a perfect documentary. Hell, it is the definition of a perfect documentary. It never run's out of steam and keeps you interested the entire time. The real star of "Crumb" isn't Robert Crumb, but his brother Charles (who tragically comitted sucide before the film was even released). There's not one negative thing I can say about "Crumb". It's that good. If you ever get the chance to see this film, do it. Otherwise, you're missing out on the greatest documentary you'll ever see.

MARIPOSA (ca) wrote: This movie is great but some parts are boring.

M L (br) wrote: just as good as it was when it first came out

Lisa E (nl) wrote: It's Marilyn. Could it be bad?

rub s (ru) wrote: who is the murderer? good movie :)

Peter H (ca) wrote: As a silent film, The Freshman relies on physical comedy for its laughs. Don't pick it apart with logic, because it won't stand up under scrutiny, but it is a short enough comic romp that will probably occasion a number of giggles.