Elvis And Anabelle

Elvis And Anabelle

A small-town beauty queen and an unlicensed mortician set out across the Texas plains on a journey of self-discovery.

The film tells a love story of Anabelle who will be the perfect pageant candidate, however, she dies suddenly on stage. Her body is delivered to the funeral home of Elvis' family which lead to surprise consequence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (fr) wrote: This Italian war love story/drama is directed by Sergio Castellitto. It is based on a novel by Margaret Mazzantini. I will really suggest this film mostly for Europeans who are familiar with the war on the Balkans, because the major complaint against this movie comes from critics from the United States (I will quote one of them but I read few with similar comments) and go around the line "when setting a love story in a war-torn environment, it's nice to actually recognize the who, what and why of the conflict -- not just treat it like an inconvenience to personal happiness" (Matt Pais, Chicago Red Eye) ! That is why I suggest , if you are not familiar with the war on the Balkans DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, but if you know the background of it - DO NOT MISS IT! The story adapted for the big screen by the author of the novel Margaret Mazzantini and the director Sergio Castellitto was told in flashbacks. Lovely Italian Gemma (Penelope Cruz) meets cheerful American Diego (Emile Hirsch) in Bosnia, and it was love on the first sight, but she thinks this 23-year-old photographer is too young for her... but Diego doesn't take no for an answer! They have to leave and the next flashback is after some time when she's getting divorced... Diego shows up having the perfect timing thanks to Gemma's dad who recognizes her real love for Diego and supports it. I won't go into details of the story, but there are few engaging twists on the way with elements of a thriller. Of course, in a story like this there will be plenty of melodramatic elements but they were well suited. Acting of most of the actors was delightful to watch, and casting was well done. There were some minor mistakes, but we all have them. It seems that somehow the historical facts were sometimes blurred to make the story more dramatic and appealing for the political sentiments... but I expected that, it seems a normal procedure these days in the art. Not a masterpiece, but very enjoyable!

Antwan J J (nl) wrote: there's always something else to look for life but good and bad not a bad film i found myself thinking of happier times that once was overall i thought the film was really good and quite the story kudos to the cast and director and special thanks to Jason Biggs and Christinia Ricci lovely comedy

Jimmy F (ag) wrote: Loved this film when I watched it. The plot does fall through the cracks a bit, but at the same time, it's still a good and decent film.

Mathieu V (kr) wrote: Le polar noir hongkongais par excellence. Une oeuvre qui brille par son realisme et son nihilisme. Un duel au sommet entre Lau Ching Wan, flic a bout de nerf, et Francis Ng, ingenieur machiavelique !

Sally A (mx) wrote: My dad knowing my love of horror films as a teenager made me promise I wouldn't EVER watch this film. I decided nearing the age of thirty I could probably let that promise slide. Not sure what all the fuss was about really! Not even sure this deserves an R rating. There is one nasty scene and a bit of full frontal nudity but its not all that explicit. I guess my horror standards are quite high after seeing 'Hostel'. This is 'The Sound of Music' compared to the torture porn of today. This is a decent little gruesome shocker which actually has a bit of a fairy tale ring to it. There is some great music which is kind of comedic. When the freak is chasing the mother and daughter through the castle, the music reminded me of a Benny Hill type scenario! Jeffrey Combs is always hammy fun. Don't believe all the hype about this one - it is slightly odd, a bit gross and kind of amusing but nothing to sleep with the light on over.

Eric R (fr) wrote: After suffering through "Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice" I predictably wasn't too enthusiastic going into this third entry into the overlong franchise. Is it bad? Sure it is and that should be expected but unlike the second film this sequel embraces it's tackiness (to an extent) and still manages to have some fun by going more over-the-top with its overly silly subject matter... and in turn at the same time burying Stephen King's original premises under more piles of corn-filled shit.Like the subtitle promises this time the plot comes to the city as two boys, who were members of the children cult from the bible belt who worshiped "He Who Walks Behind the Rows", get adopted by a wealthy inner city couple. The youngest brother Eli starts worrying his new parents when all he does is preach and secretly plant a corn patch in an abandoned factory behind their yard. Soon Eli is causing all sorts of supernatural chaos and killing anyone who uncovers secrets of his past and his future plans. Soon he is converting all the children at his local school to his "religion" and it's up to his stepbrother to stop him before he takes the neighborhood straight to hell.The cast is pretty typical for this type of film and Daniel Cerny actually does a good job as the devilishly evil Eli, a characters surprisingly similar to his demonic character in "Demonic Toys." For this type of film the acting is just fine.Director James D. R. Hickox makes his film debut here and he takes lessons from his brother Anthony Hickox (director of the "Waxwork" films, "Warlock II" and "Hellraiser III") by taking a light tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject. I mean really could anyone really take a film seriously that climaxes with a demonic beast with roots in the soil that tears victims apart and even eats children via silly miniature effects? I think not so he keeps his tongue in his cheek and gives the audience some silly effects and over-the-top gore moments (one that even includes a student getting his spinal cord ripped out only it happens to be 12 feet long!).Though he takes a less-than-serious approach to the subject matter the plot still has too many moments that tend to piss me off. Here the film actually has the corn itself being a special type that grows at an accelerated rate and anywhere it's planted it brings an evil slimy monster in the ground. Eli even has plans to convince his stepfather to ship the corn around the world to spread the evil. Really? I thought having mold that drove children mad in the second film was a stretch but this is ridiculous!Even with its slight tongue-in-cheek approach the film still comes out too damn silly and downright stupid to be highly entertaining horror. It's definitely better than part 2 but I can't go so far as to recommend this sequel other than to the most hardcore and forgiving "Children of the Corn" fans. Did you love it? Well don't worry there are four more sequels to go! (to the date of this review that is)

Aaron H (gb) wrote: Best zombie movie ever. Okay, maybe not the best, but it is certainly the funniest.

Greg (de) wrote: Just your typical Van Damme yarn as he is an ex soldier who tracks down missing children.