Elvis by the Presleys

Elvis by the Presleys

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Elvis by the Presleys torrent reviews

Jos R (ag) wrote: Really enjoyable documentary about Leonard Nimoy. His son Adam show us that theres more than Spock, cause he was an amazing artist, director, photographer and theater performer. You can see the admiration from his fellow artists. It did get lost a few times, specially when the focus of the film was on Adam and his problems with his father. But in the end it was a great way to show us the life of Mr. Nimoy.

Nadya N (fr) wrote: Ridiculous ! Stupid ! Unfunny ! Completely idiotic and waste of time ! DO NOT watch this crap ! One of the Worst comedy ( parody ) ever made !!!

Richard G (de) wrote: I love the reference to Metal Slug at the end.

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: I was very excited for this, but was let down. Big time.

Orlok W (us) wrote: A Cult movie for the Birds--Oddball Altman outing!!

Charles P (jp) wrote: "You may be an American, but at heart you are French!" Bah, ha, ha, says the evil femme fatale to Burt Lancaster as they debate over who screws over who for 3 million bones. And then more double crosses and screw-overs! And then some more! Is there such a thing as a absurdist-noir-western? I now coin the term.