Elvis Lives!

Plagued by a heavy drug addiction and his failing voice, The King is desperate to make things right with himself, his deceased brother, and God. His attempts to get back on track are ...

  • Category: Biography, Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader: FangFap
  • Writer: Delondra Williams (screenplay)

His attempts to get back on track are thwarted, however, after he helps the cops bring down a powerful crime syndicate-putting his family in danger and sending him on a journey that will change his life forever. Plagued by a heavy drug addiction and his failing voice, The King is desperate to make things right with himself, his deceased brother, and God

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Users reviews

Buddy K (br)

In a word: Ridiculous. A terrible, unique, bizarre and ultimately hilarious film that is sure to offend dwarfs and tall folk alike. That this ever got green lighted and somehow attracted name actors (including Gary Oldman AS A DWARF) is mindblowing

Corey N (fr)

other than that, it's pure mindless fun. and finally, when Bronson throws the Uzi down on the ground in thewoods, he does look like he's just taken a tray out of a microwave. two minor quibbles though, there is one scene where they are beingchased by a truck on a railway line, and the truck falls off a ledge, idid think for one second it wasn't going to blow up, but it finallydid. pure class, and sadly the stuntman doesn't have the same colourmoustache as Bronson, but he does blow up a barn. from the initialbike randomly blowing up to the boat, but the funniest sight in thisfilm is Bronson, on a bike, with a machine gun and rocket launcher. there a lots, and yes, they are laugh out loud funny. Ireland and Bronsonare fun to watch and some of 'momma ones' lines are cheesy but fun, butwhat all people who even dare to rent out a cannon film from theeighties is, explosions. the story is 'the bodyguard' but five years earlier and without the bigproduction values, and the sub-plots are ludicrous. Bronsonplays the exact same character he did in all his movies in theeighties, and is aided by a string of bad actors. another quickly produced and cheaply made production from the Cannongroup, but it still has all the charm of a classic b-movie. . . The story complicates when someone tries to kill Lara. Lara hates Killon so she does all she can to escape. Jay Killon is the bodyguard of the recently elected US president, buthe is assigned to the first lady (Lara Royce)

Courtney W (gb)

One of the most random, obscure movies ever, but worth seeing! Can't believe I finally tracked it down at Amoeba Records!

David S (br)

Enjoyable but ultimately forgettable. . . The plot is essentially non-existent as it merely follows a couple across town as they run from the law. . . Entertaining flick with nice style and moments of clever wit but it's all insubstantial

Dimity P (nl)

mildly amusing. . . Good cast, but it pretty much sucks

Jennie M (mx)

Love the actors. Strong start that dwindled a bit but good acting/storyline

John P (de)

Chocolate factory Charlie's father is really HITLER! muahah!

Kevin F (es)

) !!!. . . Really Good Movie

Latishea B (au)

x:Dxxxx. I really love this film

Mark W (jp)

t's definitely a one to watch if your a fan of monster movies, just don't give up on the film to soon!. Okay in terms of story, this one was average! However, the climactical moments of this film are very reminiscent to "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" and the animation of the monster were done incredibly well for the 50's. . . Another awesome 50's monster movie