Elvis: The Last 24 Hours

Elvis: The Last 24 Hours

The last 24 hours in the life of Elvis are counted down

The last 24 hours in the life of Elvis are counted down . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Elvis: The Last 24 Hours torrent reviews

Scott M (au) wrote: The movie was interesting, dealing with the phase, "The eyes are the windows to the soul". And, mit I add, does it almost beautifully, and definitely worth the watch. Disclaimer: This film would be most likely very scientifically inaccurate.

Corinne M (gb) wrote: This film seem quite intresting that the kids go back in time to help one of there friend that is stuck in different place where he should not be reali there before they loose there own home, it's the only second time i've watched it thou!

Michelle R (jp) wrote: This was a good movie well worth watching

Michael T (ag) wrote: Good coming-of-age flick set in Chicago. I had not seen it since I was a teenager myself. So many films in the 1980s cast twenty-something actors as teenagers and were sex comedies, slob comedies (the latter two often intersected) or featured some guy in a hockey goalie mask killing teenagers. My Bodyguard actually captured just how difficult it is finding yourself in high school, on the edge of adulthood, and the fear of being the outsider, the kid who doesn't fit in. This film deals with the unlikely friendship between two outsiders. Chris Makepeace plays a shy, bookish student who has just moved to Chicago and finds his life being made miserable by a group of bullies led by a smarmy Matt Dillon. The picked-upon outsider then engages the services of a feared outsider played by Adam Baldwin to be his bodyguard; Baldwin's hulking character who is rumored to have shot a kid/shot a cop/beat up a teacher/raped a teacher/etc. is feared by all kids in the school, including the bullies but is actually emotionally wounded and just as vulnerable as anyone else. Makepeace and Baldwin's characters bond and become good friends but Dillon seeks out his own champion to challenge Baldwin and our two heroes have to stand up and fight their mutual bullies in the end. The stuff with Martin Mull and Ruth Gordon playing Makepeace's character's father and grandmother seems to have arrived in this movie from some Sitcom. In addition we have an early role by Joan Cusack, a pre-Cheers George Wendt (he was still in Chicago's Second City troupe at the time), and a very pre-Flashdance Jennifer Beals in an un-credited role. Dillon would go on to play more sympathetic characters in several future adaptations of S.E. Hinton novels. More Baldwins (and Cusacks) would appear in future films.

Sumit P (gb) wrote: a unforgettable classic!!!

Adam S (mx) wrote: If you love westerns, then you'll love this film! Corbucci is a master when it comes to the art of spaghetti westerns. Plus it has some of the best shootouts I've ever seen, and the catchiest theme song.

Anna N (ca) wrote: Don't remember much, only that I've seen it.

Heith P (gb) wrote: Like hearing grown men bitch a lot? This is most certainly the movie for you...

August M (ca) wrote: A deliciously subversive erotic drama, The Duke Of Burgundy is able to touch on a number of themes all while under the guise of being a dominance/submission movie. The directing is enigmatic and at times highly surreal but the two main performances help ground the movie in timeless emotions. The Duke Of Burgundy has a lot to say about commitment and love under trying circumstances. One of the women in the relationship doesn't seem too fond of the dominance and submission going on but, because she so loves her partner, she's willing to do it even at the price of her emotional stability.

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