Em Compasso de Espera

Em Compasso de Espera

Antunes Filho's Em Compasso de Espera is a film which promotes the idea of race equality by means of showing various struggles that the main hero has to go through. Black self awareness in ...

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Tiffany M (ru) wrote: I would be honored if you could come to Hattiesburg, MS!

Grant S (kr) wrote: OK, but not great. The battle scenes were well done, but most of the movie was incredibly sappy and melodramatic. Every little thing suddenly became some sort of symbol, to be shown in slow motion over and over.Plus, there is a huge amount of predictabliity about it all. Anyone who has a vague idea of how the Russian Revolution ended will know the story won't end well.

Shawn H (es) wrote: Truly disturbing, but amazingly crafted film. Like certain other films, I will never watch this one again, for the simple fact that I don't think I could take it.

Riitu S (ru) wrote: Nttei miehei, muttei juuri muuta.

Heather M (br) wrote: Cavanagh, Graham, and Moynahan are the main reasons to watch this movie. The plot isn't that great or original, but these actors are fun together.

Jerod B (fr) wrote: ...And they DID screw up the sequel. It's still a well-done offering, even though it is drenched in heaps of corny dreck and riddled with dangerously inaccurate interpretations of biblical prophecy.

Racquel M (de) wrote: Totally Hilarious...

Mary A (us) wrote: Suprisingly really great... but a loveable, fun, slightly twisted story about a group of camp counsellors. A quality addition to the genre of teen comedies.

Skyler B (ag) wrote: throw momma from the train...?

Yogesh R (fr) wrote: Claude Rains = the man, even when he doesn't get a chance to be "Claude Rains" until the very last scene.

Bill T (jp) wrote: Not a bad movie about a misfit teen who's new in town, and finds the townfolk are just as misfitty as her, She soon has an affair with her teacher while seeing another guy on the side. Hijinx ensue, but in that 2010ish emo way.

Daniel S (it) wrote: Hard to believe it took me this long to finally see this, tho i had been wanting to for a while, i love the concept and the story, classic sci fi/horror, a la alien or predator, i liked the characters, especially riddick, and pretty much everywhere the story went, i will say tho, the effects are pretty laughable bad, like a big studio film should not have effects that crappy, and some of the character decisions later on i didnt agree with, still it delivers for the most part and i was satisfied with it

Dylan D (kr) wrote: Reach Me will likely be remembered for its all-star cast, but not much else. It's another fairly empty entrant into the multi-character/multi-story line/everything-converge-at-the-end style that's been done to death in recent years, particularly around the indie scene, and to varying results. Reach Me might embody the genre through-and-through, but it doesn't go anywhere with its potential or leave the audience feeling any wiser, or better, for having watched it. There's no room for real, tangible character growth, leaving most of the players jumping from points rather than following a better defined arc. It's worth a watch, but most won't reach out for it again.