Emanuelle: Queen Bitch

Emanuelle: Queen Bitch

A woman struggles to keep her stepdaughter from harms way after she hires an assassin to kill her husband, but the hitman turns and blackmails her for the crime.

A woman struggles to keep her stepdaughter from harms way after she hires an assassin to kill her husband, but the hitman turns and blackmails her for the crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark F (br) wrote: Sexy! The ending interview was probably my favorite part; anyone can get a PhD.

David B (gb) wrote: not just inept, it's worse than the first.

John B (au) wrote: A very well laid out documentary on a channel that is likely not familiar to those who didn't grow up in the Los Angeles area but would have loved to have grown up with. This is a tale of both a channel and Jerry Harvey who was the mastermind behind it. Ultimately Harvey's own limitations would lead to the downfall of both.

Atheer O (nl) wrote: If you like the usual suspects you may find pleasure in this. I hated both of them because of the unreliable narrative but at least here you don't need multiple viewings to realize that you have been lied to.

Shawn W (de) wrote: Somewhat weak plot has a stripper as the top suspect in the murder of her on-stage partner in a crime she did not commit. I was suspicious of the self-described university professor right away when I saw he lived in an apartment and used a pull-out couch for a bed. Watchable as I have always been a fan of Gabriella Hall but not for much else.

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Paul D (br) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ???