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Embargado torrent reviews

Chris J (fr) wrote: A sharp lil' indie diving into the world of 2 movie editors. Really enjoyed it.

Simon D (au) wrote: Not a fan of F1 but I did enjoy Rush so I though this would be worth a watch. It's ok, not exactly mindblowing but then I'm not the target audience.

raj c (br) wrote: awesome movie singh is kinng is funny somewhat violent but great

Helena S (ca) wrote: just Watch, Read and Feel their eyes.. thats all.

Mark M (jp) wrote: One of my most favourite films

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Alan N (de) wrote: One for the Hammer fans only I would say, but if you are one this is a good, cheesy occult film set in modern times.

David H (kr) wrote: Hillarious Italowestern directed by the Master Sergio Sollima once again is everything perfect in this Movie Directions, Camera Work, Soundtrack, Atmosphere, Shootouts this Guy is a real Genius it's sad that he didn't work for 12 Years Lee van Cleef & Thomas Millian are a great Couple, the Movie show lot of Violence also Sexual Violence, Racial Conflicts between Gringos and Mexicans and Social Conflicts between Hidalgos and Chicanos and is close to the Truth of the Wild West

Drago C (it) wrote: Holding the dubious dual honour of being possibly the worst adaptation of a Philip K. Dick idea and the worst John Woo film at the same time Paycheck is kind of a mess. It didn't have to, though. The story is neatly engaging and the cast has potential, not even the director is that terrible? So what happened? Well, Paycheck came out at the height of early aughties confusion when 'audience movies' and studio decisions neatly overlapped to give us milquetoast action movies. This was before the action revolution, before the marvel cinematic universe, before even batman begins. It was the year that gave us the atrocious spider man 2, daredevil and xmen 2 as well as the two big budget, concept spoiling matrix sequels. Looking back at all this it all seems quite quaint, really and i can't help but wonder what a better director would have done with the IP. So what's wrong with the movie? So many things in such little baffling ways. Ben affleck is wholly unbelievable as an 'engineer' (compare and contrast to Carruth in primer), the other actors, including eckhart are hamming it up and the time aspects of the plot are poorly explored. Paul Giamatti gets too little screen time, Uma Thurman gets too much and the action scenes are utterly forgettable despite the fact that this is a John Woo Film. Paycheck is a bad movie, such a bad movie in fact that it seems like the director saw an apocalyptic future triggered by the movie in a reverse engineered machine and designed the movie to be shit and forgettable to save us all. Avoid.

Benjamin N (us) wrote: A decent Aussie war film with great moments let down by some war flick cliche's. Characters came through too often via monologue rather than more natural ways. Beautiful cinematography!

Gilmar G (nl) wrote: That's was a good suspense movie. And it was great to see the great actress Meryl Streep 27 years ago!!! She was so young, a kind of pretty and already acting so good!! A Manhattan psychiatrist( Roy Schroeder) got involved in a murder of one of his patient and he fell in love with the possible murder. he has to figure out what happened and he will be in a dangerous situation. Good to watch. ************************************************** Muito bom filme de suspense. bom ver a grande Meryl Streep 27 anos atrs e ver como ela j atuava muito bem. Um psichiatra de Manhattan se v6e envolvido numa trama criminal quando um dos seus pacientes assassinado. Ele acaba se apaixonando por um dos suspeitos do assassinato e estar correndo perigo. Bom de ver tambem Roy Schroeder muito tempo atrs com uma atuao convincente. Bom de ver o filme.