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Embarque Imediato

Wagner is a 22 year old Brazilian guy, who dreams about leaving the Country for a better life, until he meets Justina, an experienced woman who turns his life upside down. Together they will discover that life has a lot more to offer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Puckered B (nl) wrote: This movie was a load of bull, don't bother watching because Spock dies in the end.

Akash S (us) wrote: Director Vishal Bahradwaj's 'Haider', the talented filmmaker's third brilliant Shakespeare adaptation, sets the story of 'Hamlet' in 1995's war-torn Kashmir (Northern India). Not only does it shed light on the civilians' plight, the military atrocities and rising tensions in Kashmir during that period, but also explores the lead characters in such unique light, especially, the mother-son relationship; the sexual undercurrent is maintained well, quite nuanced.Haider's character might deviate a bit from the original story, but his development is intriguing and apt for this story. The film not only gives us a strong Hamlet (Haider), but also gives us a memorable Gertrude (Ghazala); she's the more mysterious character, we never know what's going on in her mind. These characters are strong because of the excellent writing and the terrific performances by the two actors, Shahid Kapoor and the ever-so-beautiful-and-sensational Tabu. Kay Kay Menon is excellent as always, and Shraddha Kapoor also gives a commendable performances.The cinematography by Pankaj Kumar is just spectacular; he has captured Kashmir with such elegance. The music composed by the Director himself (as always) is quite mesmerizing; they certainly add to the charm of the film. I liked the rage-filled stage-play song ('Bismil'), and really loved the grave-digging song ('Aao Na') as well. The only annoying thing was the particular score from 'The Bourne Ultimatum' which was used twice in the movie; it was a bit distracting.After the movie is over, everyone would very well remember the word 'chutzpah'; the satirical references of this word with the military's (AFSPA) actions were quite hilarious. The Salman Khan and 90's songs references may not be understood by people who don't follow Hindi cinema.It's mainly a political drama, and has an interesting opinion on revenge, and among all this, it was interesting to see how Bharadwaj created these Shakespearean moments at crucial points in the story.Ultimately, it's not Bharadwaj's best film, but it's certainly one of the best adaptations of 'Hamlet'.

Robbie C (it) wrote: Terrific. Five stories collide. All in one city block. All in one hour.

Alexander B (ca) wrote: Netflix as soon as possible

Matthew B (us) wrote: Michael Moore: "If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community, what would you say to them if they were here right now?"Marilyn Manson: "I wouldn't say a single word to them I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did".Bowling for Columbine is a documentary about the gun Violence in America is shown as Michael Moore looks for causes and answers from some of America's top opponents of gun control.Bowling For Columbine is one of best documentary's I've seen in a while. It's both unique and interesting with it's powerful look on gun violence in america and the Columbine shooting back in 1999. All this is shown in different type of tones, you got a brilliant sense of humor, a strong statement and the truth.Michael Moore to me is 50/50, I know a lot of people don't like him and not a lot of people do like him. Yeah sometimes he can come off as jerk when it comes to interviews and some of the topics that he focus on, but I got to admit he sometimes comes up with some clever ideas to support he's statement and proving he's point to everyone, even when some may not agree. I don't hate the guy as these much more people out there that are even worse (like Katie Hopkins. If you don't know who she is look her up, she's a horrible human being). Moore is trying to get he's worries out about the fact that you can walk up to a counter of a gun shop and say "Can I have a gun please", and they give it to you and that person may shoot others if it falls into the wrong hands, and I can understand him right there even when Moore can take it to another level of forcing it in people faces which makes him look like a jerk to some.The documentary jumps around to different places and people by hearing their thoughts on the gun problem and the Columbine Massacre. All opinions are mixed and this documentary is like a time capsule of what the people and the whole controversy bullsh*t that was happening back then was like. I always love those kind of documentary's that show you a bit of the past and everybody's thoughts back then, it's just so interesting.The ending scene with Michael Moore interviewing Charlton Heston was both brilliant and it was hard to look away it was that strong. People may not like that scene has Moore is forcing the message down his throat, but I sawed something else then that, I sawed Moore trying to something right even when it might not be the thing but at least he's trying to prove he's own point.Now for the problems: My only little problem with the documentary and it's only a ant size problem and that's when they talk about the Columbine High School Massacre and they talk about what may cause Eric and Dylan (The shooters of the massacre) to start shooting by on that day. They brought up that it might be violence on TV, violence in movies and games and they even brought up bowling as one, but they didn't bring up bullying and to those who didn't know, Eric and Dylan was bullied really bad and they were out cast of the school as nobody really cared for them, maybe that's why they did it, for revenge. The documentary didn't bring that up and I was wondering why they didn't put that in.Overall Bowling for Columbine is a Documentary that's worth recommending and worth seeing.

Sakae I (gb) wrote: Reviewers are honest and I agree with them. I couldn't get the point of the movie and I watched it again, searching for its amusement, but I wasted my time in the second time as well.

David A (ag) wrote: I loved Annie Hall. This, at times, felt like a cheap knock-off. With less humor, chemistry, and insight. Add in a weaker plot, and it was so lame I didn't make it through to the end. I would rather remember Woody in Bananas and AH than watch him serve this warmed up hash. All the mediocre jokes in this one did was make me long for the better ones he once did. And perhaps he has lost a step in his delivery. Tough to watch a Hall-of-Famer on the downhill side.

Patricia B (mx) wrote: This film was so under-publicised that most people don't even believe there is this Arau comedy with Woody Allen and Sharon Stone and this whole fantastic cast. It's not meant to be deep. It is meant to be deeply silly, and the result is great. Not everyone gets all the jokes, and, granted, it's not for everyone's sense of humour, but it's horribly offensive and still manages to be hilarious.

Jiang H (es) wrote: if only more accurate historically...

Eric R (fr) wrote: After the success of Enter the Ninja, Cannon decided to exploit this new cheesy Ninja concept so they started to develop a sequel. Actor Sho Kosugi shined in his role as the villain Ninja in that film and he proved to be very popular with the fans so Cannon opted to make him the main star of this entry. Since he lost his head in the final fight in Enter the Ninja, he obviously couldn't play the same character so one should expect a sequel that follows any plot connections. We instead get an entirely new story that exploits the Ninja concept even further into the cheese territory making for extremely entertaining Ninja action fest that is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures.The film opens with an extremely violent and unintentionally violent attack on a Japanese family's home. Sho Kosugi and his young son are the only survivors and decide to go to America at his American partner's request in order to escape the violence and make a living by selling Japanese ceramic dolls. Is there really that big of market to warrant a store that only sells Japanese ceramic dolls? No but it does make a great silly concept to counterbalance to Sho Kosugi's tough ninja character. All seems going well until his boy (played by Kosugi's real life son Kane Kosugi) discovers that the dolls are filled with cocaine! That bastard only used Kosugi to transport drugs! To top it off, that bastard is also an "American ninja" so it becomes an all out ninja war by the end!Every cheesy ninja clich is improved upon from Enter the Ninja tenfold here. Everything from ninja stars, disappearing smoke bombs and other ninja booby traps are used to the fullest. The result is, in my book, the best cheesy ninja film ever made. The over-the-top nature of the material just makes it a hoot to sit through. You want bloody violence and a ninja with glowing eyes in his mask? Well it is all here! One of my favorite gags is when our Ninja villain kills two people making love in a hot tub and the coroner later says "It's going to take a jack hammer to get them apart." That line gets me every time!The film does get a little ridiculous at some points especially during the final rooftop battle sequence when our Ninja villain starts fooling our hero with mannequin stand-in's and arms. Where the hell did he get these props? Out of his ass? It still adds to the overall fun nature of the film.When compared to the firts film Enter the Ninja, Revenge outdoes it thanks to the direction of Sam Firstenberg who gives the film much more style then producer turned director Mehamen Golan did in that film. The pace is also fast and furious with some great action sequences aided by a wonderfully cheesy score.Revenge of the Ninja is one of the best 80's B-action films fans can ask for. It's got loveably bad dialogue, outrageous action sequences, bucko violence, and a kick-ass hero and all mixed with decent production values thanks to my favorite production company Cannon films. Revenge of the Ninja is hands down in my top three favorite guilty pleases from the Cannon Group. Things would get even more ridiculous in the next sequel Ninja III: The Domination.

Dan K (gb) wrote: Bresson does it again, he strips away every element that makes film enjoyable and manages to make another entirely bland film. The story idea is brilliant, the film however is not.

Alexis L (es) wrote: vu 10 000 fois les dimanches soirs de misere donc je mets 4 meme si il en merite trois...

Roberto R (fr) wrote: Quite an interesting psychedelic movie. A simplistic story with weird and colorful psychedelic imagery. A rather scruffy and cantankerous Professor Collins (Jack MacGowran ) takes a look at his noisy neighbors through a hole in the wall. His visions are then transported to seeing trippy images of the girl next door called Penny Lane (Jane Birkin) and he becomes inflaturated with her. He witnesses them at parties with the revelers taking drugs and getting down together! The reality of what he is seeing is the relationship breakdown of a model and her photographer boyfriend (Iain Quarrier). The eccentric professor's imagination takes over his life and dreams. The professor seems to be the one who is experiencing a somewhat colorful world of a 'trip', without taking any drugs! Even with their flamboyant clothes, elaborated decorated flat, swinging 60s lifestyle, the swinging young couple are experiencing a very down to earth problem. They are in a very real human and emotional reality, more so, from then what the Professor sees through his 'wonderwall'. A very dated movie but thats to be expected and enjoyed about this film. George Harrison provided the music, but it sounds like he is mostly banging away on a sitar. You have a few familiar faces from british television and films from this period too. Irene Handl is quite cute as the Professor's cleaning lady and Richard Wattis as one of the Professor's scientist colleagues.

Judie H (es) wrote: I have now seen all 3 versions of this movie and, by FAR, this was the absolute WORST! The actress tried too hard (and failed, btw) to recreate the original "Carrie" as portrayed by Ms Spacik. Horrible version! PAY YOURSELF to miss this one!

JonPaul P (ca) wrote: While this movie has the characters you expect, it falls apart aside from the laughs you will have at the terrible lines.The tournament has no real set of rules, no actual bracket, Shang Tsung does not take every loser's soul, the fights seem to randomly happen at times, and the CGI was not good enough back then to support the fighter's abilities.