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Emboscada torrent reviews

Duncan P (ru) wrote: Actually often really damn funny in the good old-fashioned-cartoon sense, with some rather clever gags (the fight with the penguins in particular was genius), and surprisingly (but VERY happily) almost totally unreliant on the subject matter. The times it does rely on the subject of babies directly are also funny, but have, if anything, just reinforced my total lack of interest in having kids by using some of the problems I have with the idea as a source of humor.

Lacey V (de) wrote: If you're looking for a sweet and lovely coming of age film with some of the most charming actors, this is the film for you. If you are looking to take yourself very seriously, this is not the film for you. The film is a nice break from the hectic details of life, and always can put a smile on my face. Giving it 5 stars because it is my favorite film because of how simple and sweet it is without a gimmick. Oh, and theres time travel that isn't incredibly complicated and sci-fi.

John Eric D (ru) wrote: Now with all this hype with Shahrukh Khan as an all around action star in bollywood, I was interested to watch his latest films though I'm not a big fan of it. Now bout Don 2, its fun for the masses but it did not impress me in terms of so many reasons. The story is so shabby, there are a lot of very flat and so so cheesy moments, and it has a very stiff dialogue. But then it has all the goods of cinematography improvements. Still a fun but laughable action film to watch. It's more like a spy heist film gone wrong. Well it's bollywood after all.

Sachie F (ru) wrote: Akshay kumar and vidya balan is superb.. good movie.. loved it

Chetan B (au) wrote: It is rare to find movies that don't have mistakes, especially in the age where audience understand direction better than most of the directors in telugu... Bommarillu is one such flawless movie ... Hats off Bhaskar !!!!

Elia D (fr) wrote: I love Paul Gross, but frankly this movie sucks, and it almost hurts to watch. I've seen it more than once, but still. 3 stars is generous. Thankfully he's gone on to bigger and better things since then!

Robert C (nl) wrote: Put this between two slices of bread on a hot griddle... cheesey (and not in a good way.)

SteinErik R (ca) wrote: Arkin does a fine job as Clouseau and stays true to the character. The movies largest flaw is it's comedy. Some of the written jokes where funny, but the series trademark slapstick is horrible in this entry. Clouseau is given an assortment of Bond-esque gadgets that's used to set up painfully obvious slapstick scenes that are in term beaten to death. Still it manages to keep both Son - and Trail of the Pink Panther behind it as the worst of the series much due to Arkin's performance that really had deserved a better movie.

Tonda S (ca) wrote: or paradise..Tonda Style ehhee

Ryan V (de) wrote: One of the more idiotic and ridiculous holiday-themed slashers of the early 80s.