Embrace the Darkness II

Embrace the Darkness II

A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit.

A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Embrace the Darkness II torrent reviews

Alex C (gb) wrote: At first I thought the movie was gona end after they opened the vault. Even if it had the movie would have been good, but I like how they show what each does with their lives after that scene. It makes the movie a little more complete.

MirelaDana D (de) wrote: The subject is actual: every mother's nightmare when her teenage daughter falls in love with a jailed youngster she met on-line. But the movie doesn't have enough substance nor depth.

Tara M (kr) wrote: I liked it, gotta love Colin Farrell and Tony Curran!

Nildi F (jp) wrote: Produccin brasilea y director puertorriqueo. La recomiendo. Muy buena y bonita.

Eric Vierthaler (kr) wrote: I know its wrong to judge a book by its cover (Or should I say judge a movie by its cover.) but looking at the poster it just seems gay. Yes I know its wrong to judge.

Anand K (au) wrote: They didn't say 'who's yo daddy' in the 1960s. Cheerleaders did not do hip-hop moves. They didn't tell yo mama jokes. Surprised no one was saggin. The whole period accuracy thing was idiotic.

Allison B (mx) wrote: Vertical Limit- the title itself symbolizes that this dreary film pushes the limits of a horrible movie; in fact this movie may be subordinate to any other film that has ever existed. Vertical Limit starts out with a scene that is supposed to be dramatic, yet severely fails due to ghastly acting and the lack of quality in the special effects. The scene portrays a family of mountain climbers; a father and his son and daughter. The son, Peter, has to make a life changing decision of if he will choose to cut his father off of the rope, which would result in his father's death, after an error in climbing, or if he should take the slim chance that the rope would be able to hold all three of them if he chose to not let his father go. The plot of the scene had potential to be interesting, but that potential was ruined with the phony shots of the mountain and the insincerity in the actors' performances. The story then jumps to three years later where Peter and his sister, Annie, have survived after the climbing incident that killed their father. After this point, the movie is somewhat hard to follow. This may be due to the fact that the storyline is poorly and confusingly written, the viewer became bored of watching the film, or a combination of the two. Either way, the movie does not even get remotely decent until about three quarters of the way through, when Annie and other climbers are stranded on a high snowy mountain and Peter and the rest of a rescue crew try to locate and save her. However, the special affects were done very meagerly, which greatly lessened the themes that the movie was trying to show. The ending was also extremely predictable- the siblings were put into the same situation as they were at the beginning of the movie; whether they choose to release someone in a life or death situation, or take the risk that nobody will survive. It ended up that two of the climbing crew were cut off of the rope, yet this time, there was closure and less regrets because the decision was made by the victim of the fall himself. Of course, the two main characters survive and there is a "happy ending." Everyone should do themselves a favor, and "limit" themselves from watching this movie, because it is too predictable, and a movie cannot afford to be predictable when the story is demonstrated in such a terrible approach.

Josiah D (ca) wrote: Just annoying to watch.

Bill W (kr) wrote: Every scene in this film screams, "We're in a studio!" If you can get past that it's a pretty good little film.

Russell G (us) wrote: Amazing debut film by Sam Fuller. He is totally in control and confident behind the camera. The western plays like a noir, and is as much about the internal struggle of Ford as opposed to the actual shooting of Jesse James. Tons of subtext in this one. Highly recommended.

JH K (mx) wrote: por qu esta pelcula no tiene un 100%?No son un gran fan del cine francs, pero tengo que reconocer que es toda una obra de referencia ... del cine. Algo hermoso, bello, ingenioso, de cuidada produccin, encuadres... pero quiz le falta una historia ms trascendente para ser recordada como Casablanca o la gran evasin.

Judge L (gb) wrote: If you enjoy westerns, this one is well worth the watch.

John B (es) wrote: Hardy has to do all of his acting while pretending to be in a car and answering telephone messages from all the people in his life. Thankfully it works well.

Victoria L (kr) wrote: brilliant, brilliant. AMAZING PERFORMANCES!