Ansise is a former Indian whose only dream is to become a mother. The idea of motherhood gradually turns into an obsession for her. Unfortunately, she has married an impotent man. But she ...

Ansise is a former Indian whose only dream is to become a mother. The idea of motherhood gradually turns into an obsession for her. Unfortunately, she has married an impotent man. But she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Embrujada torrent reviews

Shairli S (us) wrote: acting is cool by both actors, songs are great... not sure why the movie is a flop... for sure the movie makes me wanna see all shahid's movies...backwards..:D

Mariam A (kr) wrote: Great film, bit predictable though Loved the twist at the end where the baby's magic

Miguel B (ru) wrote: Boo. Boring and annoying.

Lauren L (ru) wrote: This could have been a soft core porn, prob was and I just didn't realize it. A lot of bad sex, bad acting, what a waste of a dollar red box you owe me....

Sumanjit R (jp) wrote: Reincarnation in a lame retro parody!

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Great film just as scary as the first if not more, The plot was bigger and better, A great horror film with more gory action that was missing from the first.

Mayra V (mx) wrote: its a very cool movie

Kris B (es) wrote: Excellent look behind the scenes of professional wrestling on the grand scale as well as the in the independents

Curtis W (gb) wrote: Yet another movie. I just don't know when to quit. The guys over on the Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Other Asian Films Group won't be pleased. I'm just not gushing all over the place about this movie. The only reason I don't give it a splat is for the kick-ass martial arts by our man Jet. The rest is typical Hong Kong action comedy. Jet is a poor guy, a good guy at heart. Somehow though, he's hooked up with a bunch of wannabe hoods who think they can be contract killers. He eventually is teamed up with a "manager", really just a short, chubby comic relief guy and they are on the trail of the "King of Killers" who assassinated a Japanese mob boss. They are up against other contract killers, including the mob boss' grandson, for a share of the "revenge reward" for killing the assassin. The grandson is a piece of work. He eats grandad's ashes to show how tough he is. The comic relief guy has a daughter who's tossed in for romantic interest. All the dull melodrama between the action really dragged this movie down. But it was still fun to watch, partially because it was dubbed in English, with everyone speaking in really chipper, Midwestern tones. It was like the movie was filmed in Lincoln, Nebraska or Champaign, Illinois - not Hong Kong. A rap soundtrack added to the Americanization of this movie - clearly a move to sell it to the Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave crowd. Even that got annoying though, so I was left to watch the kick-ass action.

Michael G (au) wrote: It is 80s movie quality made in 96. Terrible. They cheer on a fat kid to get a car up a hill. He's driving a car. There is nothing he can do besides keep his foot on the gas.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 1/31/2016: A fun 80's movie. It is entertaining and Shue was beautiful.

TonyPolito (de) wrote: This film's major recommendation is it's the best gandering of actress Frances Farmer, who had her traumatic personal life and involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations made famous by the 1982 biopic "Frances."Jessica Lange portrayed Farmer in "Frances" -- and seeing Farmer in "Come and Get It" makes plain that the resemblance between the two stars goes far beyond uncanny. For most of the film I felt as though I were actually watching Lange. Well, an even more talented version of Lange, truth be told. Lange took both an Oscar and Golden Globe nod for her work in "Frances." Lange's work and nods put to bed the dumb blonde stereotype she had been saddled with by her film debut as King Kong's bimbo in 1976.Farmer, at just 23 years old, is clearly displaying a load of talent and future promise in "Come and Get It," making it reasonably believable that she is the savvy stone-cold saloon gal mother in Act I ... and then the mother's somewhat sheltered adult daughter in Acts II and III. No easy task indeed. Yet Farmer doesn't miss a step skipping across the river from one role to the next ... from savvy bargal-for-hire to smitten-like-a-schoolgirl to nave teenage-mistress-to-be. It's difficult to watch Farmer so successfully controlling this film and all these roles ... and then imagine that somehow she so thoroughly lost control of her own psyche and her own self-control just six years later.The actual film & plotline, a success for Sam Goldwyn in 1936, is far less enticing today, playing out the tragic story of Barney Glasgow (Edward Arnold), lumber robber baron. In Act I, Glasgow is the young lumber camp whip who, with his wingman (delivered by consummate wingman Walter Brennan), tear up all logging production quotas, the local Barbary Coast tinged saloon, as well as the heart of hard-hearted saloon gal Farmer. Glasgow dumps Farmer cold to marry the boss's daughter and become CEO, though it's clear enough he loved Farmer. Brennan knows a good catch when he sees one and promptly weds Farmer. Decades later in Act II, Glasgow, now the 50-ish lumber tycoon with his own adult children, pays a long overdue visit to Brennan - - that only after Farmer has passed away - - only to discover that Brennan & Farmer's daughter is nothing less than the spitting image of her mother. Almost any viewer on Earth would be far less clueless - than Brennan seems to be - as to what effect this doppelganger daughter is having on Glasgow, who opens his checkbook wide and starts slipping down into the Act III slope of foolishness and tragedy.Arnold's delivery of Glasgow the egoist-brought-down is talented enough to maintain viewer interest. And it's even more entertaining to watch Brennan do his wingman bit when he was so young ... and doing it with a thick Swedish dialect, no less. Ja, dazt guud Smrgsbord!RECOMMENDATION: Farmer gandering + Glasgow's satisfying self-undoing + Brennan's skilled sidekick bit = a somewhat reasonable investment of viewing time.

Brendan P (ca) wrote: A must see movie for those that care deeply about endangered animals and the environment. It is truly heartbreaking to watch, yet also inspiring. This documentary discusses the various ways humans have caused recent animal extinctions. It also suggests actions we can take to change the fates of critically endangered animals.