Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream

Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream


Emmanuelle teaches her alien friends to explore sexual fantasy through their dreams, and searches for her own dream lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (nl) wrote: A compilation that has a huge mythology to choose from only gives us one classic, with the other three good to middling. Fortunately the backbone story arc plays into the tales well and is more exciting by the end than any of the shorts, making the overall package greater than the sum of its parts.

Cyrielle A (kr) wrote: le plus drole est dans la bande annonce ...

Ryan L (us) wrote: Very underrated movie. love it

Kullen S (kr) wrote: Not nearly as good as its predecessor but still good. If you can keep up with the story and look past the absence of Motoko then you'll enjoy it.

John N (kr) wrote: A beautiful look into the lives of simple, ordinary people. I'm not quite sure what the film's about; but, the journeys the characters take are relevant for humanity in general. The need for relationships, acceptance from others, and the desire to fill a need in another's life help give meaning to our existence. This film is truly touching and surprisingly rewarding for those who care to seek it out.

Kevin P (us) wrote: guh giving Bette Midler to the boys for entertainment would make any soldier go AWOL

Sabrina A (it) wrote: Way to go father of film, D.W. Griffith. I thought this film was amazing, from the soundtrack to the emotions to the country versus city to the tormented run in the snow. If I were alive in 1920 and homosexuality wasn't as taboo as it was, I'd marry Lillian Gish. My god, that woman is gorgeous.

Christopher D (es) wrote: Forget it Jake, she Chinatown, ya get me?!